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Ensuring Safety of Your Fragile Items while Storage

It might sound like a no-brainer, but fragile items need extra care while storing. Whether you are storing them at home or at a NY storage facility, here are a few important things that you must keep in mind to ensure their safety –

Smart packing of fragile items will ensure that they remain intact and are not damaged. Various items such as antiques, glassware, paintings, table tops, glass souvenirs and expensive crockery must be carefully packed in a bubble wrap, taped and secured in sturdy boxes.

Do not leave any empty space when packing fragile items. Leaving space between the fragile item and other surfaces may result in breakage or scratching. It is recommended to use newspaper to wrap the cups or bowls before storing them.

Do not forget to label the boxes containing fragile items as ‘FRAGILE’ and ensure that you keep them on a solid ground with nothing putting a weight over them.

By keeping these important points in mind, you can ensure that your precious fragile items remain intact and do not break.

De-clutter Your Home this Festive Season with Self Storage Units

There is nothing like a clean home, especially when Christmas and New Year are knocking at the door. Most of us are busy creating plans for the holidays and decorating our homes. Here are some home cleaning tips that you must keep in mind to prepare your home for the festive season –

Draft a plan – Home cleaning can be tiresome and more demanding than it may seem. The initial thing to do is to prepare a plan and start working according to it. It is advisable to start with the smaller rooms and subsequently moving to the bigger rooms.

De-clutter – Throw out any items that you have not used in ages as chances are slim that you will ever use them again. If you are unsure about throwing them, read the next suggestion.

Choose the best storage facility – Once you have de-cluttered your home, it is now the time to choose a self storage unit for your belongings. Belongings that you might require in the future, including the ones about which you are not sure, must be kept in a secure storage facility. Do your research and find art storage facility that is safe, close to your location and suits your requirements.

Keep these tips in mind and prepare your home for the festivities.

Why do Americans Prefer Self Storage?

Self storage units today have evolved into a basic need for the Americans over the last two decades. One of the major reasons behind the popularity of self storage facilities is the mobility of the population. Millions of Americans move to another location every year and this is one of the major reasons why Americans rent self storage units.

According to the estimates, an average American moves nearly 11 times in the course of his/her life. Since accumulating all your belongings to your new location is not possible, most of the people prefer keeping their additional belongings in a storage facility near them.

Another important reason for the booming self storage facilities is that a shift of the rural population to the urban lands for better job prospects. According to a recent survey, the urban population in America prefers to stay in smaller homes that are closer to their workplace. This makes keeping additional belongings safely a priority.

Self storage facilities are the safest option that guarantees the safety of your belongings. Find the best New York City storage and enjoy a complete peace of mind.

Stuff that you should not store in your storage space

A lot is being said about what to store in self storage belongings. Even if you pack your belongings properly, there are certain items that should not be stored in a self storage unit as it can jeopardize their long term functionality and condition. Here are some belongings that you should never store in a storage space –

Combustibles and explosives – Anything that runs the risk of getting exploded or causing a fire should not be kept in a storage unit. These include your cooking oil, isopropyl alcohol, kerosene, home cleaning liquids, turpentine or glue, among others. If you are storing machinery, then remove all the oil and gas prior to storing them.

Perishable items – Items such as food or anything that contains moisture should also not be stored in a storage facility. Not only such item will decay, it will also attract mosquitoes, germs and pests as well.

Plants – Plants require care and proper climate to grow. Do not store plants as nobody will be there to water them. In addition, plants grow in soil and it attracts insects. Therefore it is important that you should not bring them to your New York storage facility.

Storage facilities offer a safe shelter to your belongings. Keep these points in mind and let your belongings remain in perfect shape for years to come.

Why Self Storage is a Better Storage Option for Your Belongings?

A majority of us have to deal with smaller living spaces. This is because of the fact that there are certain belongings that even if we do not use, hold significance in our lives. And since we can not throw them, storing them with other essentials makes us compromise on the limited living space that we have. Here are some of the reasons why storing our belongings in a NY storage unit is a better alternative than storing them at home –

Unlimited storage space – Whether it is your seasonal clothing, books, important documents or even the whole furniture of your house, storage space can be rented as per your requirement.

Safety and security – As self storage units are 24 hours under camera surveillance and protected by armed guards, fencing and other sophisticated security gadgets, they offer more protection for your belongings. In addition, self storage units are properly maintained and also offer climate control storage options that keep the belongings safe from adverse temperatures and pests.

Easy access – Ease of access is another important feature as this allows you to access your belongings at any time 24x7.

Self storage is the best option when it comes to storing your belongings safely. Find the New York self storage facility near you and keep your belongings safe and secure without compromising on your living space.

Choosing the Proper Size Storage Unit for Your Belongings

All our life we invest in your home and its d├ęcor to make our lives comfortable and enjoyable. Our belongings are extremely precious as they not only have a price tag attached to them, but they also have a sentimental value that can not be evaluated in monetary terms. In order to make sure that our precious belongings stay in proper shape, it is critical to choose storage units that are suitable for them.

Here are some helpful tips that will help you select the right sized storage unit –
  • Planning is the first thing that will keep you going. Prepare a list of all your belongings you are considering storing as it will allow you to think freely.
  • Pack your belongings smartly as effective packing will help you save on a lot of storage space.
  • Weight and size should also be considered as these features play a crucial role in selecting the right storage space. Since some items can be stacked on the top of each other, while others can find a recluse in other furniture, take this in account as it will help you in saving your space.
  • Items that are oddly shaped need special consideration and you should ask your movers and storage provider about what can be done for them.
Keep this simple tips in mind and select the most suitable storage unit for your belongings.

Storage Facilities – Things to Consider

The safety and security of your belongings should be your first priority when storing your belongings at a storage facility. You must scrutinize every aspect of the storage facility before committing your belongings there. Planning to Store Your Belongings in a storage facility? Here are some factors that you must consider –

Cleanliness – Although maximum storage facilities claim to be clean, chances are that they might be infested with rodents and insects. Apart from this, you must also check for leaky roofs, climate control and broken floors to get a better picture.

Hidden charges – Look into the minor details such as lock rental, additional security, and other hidden fees that may substantially increase your storage cost.

Security – Security of your belongings should be your first priority when choosing self storage. Check for CCTV cameras and other security gadgets installed.

When choosing a storage facility, properly inspect the facility and take a tour of the surrounding area and neighborhood to see any signs that may lead to your compromising the safety of your belongings. Choose a reputable storage facility to ensure that your belongings remain safe and secure.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Effective Tips for Storing Your Car

Whether it is going for a long duration holiday, work assignment or just a sabbatical from work, it is important that you keep your vehicle in such a manner that it does not affect its condition or performance in the longer run.

Here are some important tips on how to store your vehicle to ensure its safety, performance and life –
  • Wash the car thoroughly and once it has dried properly, coat it with a high quality wax and cover it.
  • Seal all the openings and you can also keep moth balls to deter rodents and insects from infesting your car.
  • Ensure that the wheels have less air pressure as high air pressure can lead to flat spots.
  • When storing your car, it is necessary to take away the oil from the engine and fill it with new oil. This is important as oil contains moisture, which can cause rusting of the engine.
  • Seal the engine openings to keep the moisture out.
  • Clean the old fluids, and replace them with new fluids to avoid rusting of the parts.
A car is a big investment. It is therefore necessary that you store it in such a way that it gives you the best performance always. To ensure that your car remains in perfect condition, it is recommended to keep your car at a professional car storage facility.

Get Rid of the Man Stuff and Bring Love and Peace in Your Home

A lot of couples argue about the lack of personal space and these arguments can sometimes take a nasty turn. Whether you have tied the nuptial knots or moved in with your boyfriend, settling amongst a man’s haven could be a startling experience for many. Although it does not mean that men are unorganized, but there are certain belongings which men find close to their hearts, which are nothing more than trash to a woman.

Every man has a personal space what he calls his man cave. There are numerous belongings such as sports equipment, gyming gear, souvenirs, gaming CDs and consoles, among others, which might not be used by the male species, but could be very close to their heart. However, the issues arise when you move in with your partner and share your space with her.

One of the best ways to burn the embers in your life and keep the arguments at bay is to store these personal belongings at a storage facility near you. Self storage facilities provide you safe storage space for your precious belongings. With security gadgets and surveillance cameras, storage facilities could be your best option when it comes to keeping your belongings safe. The best part about storage facilities is that you can access them anytime to take out anything that you like. So keep your belongings in a storage facility and enjoy your personal space with your special one.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

9 Questions To Ask A Storage Facility [Infographic]

Moishe's has created an infographic titled ’9 Questions To Ask A Storage Facility’ which shows the questions that help the prospective storage unit hirers to get the best storage facility according to their needs. It covers all the important features that should be evaluated before making the final decision of renting a storage unit.

The infographic adumbrates:
  • Questions to be asked from storage facility manager and staff
  • What to listen for in their answers
  • How it helps in making your decision


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Some facts about moving

Did you know that moving is the third most stressful event in life, following death of a loved one and divorce?

Know some more facts about moving by having a look at the below shown infographic.

For more details, Visit:

Everyone else is moving, so why aren't you?

The infographic displayed above highlighting the reasons why you are not moving, when everybody else is moving.

Visit for further details.

How far away are people running to move?

Do you know why people move & where are they moving? The reasons may be different. Some people move due to education, some people move due to job & some people move as per their own choice or may be due to some other reasons however it is also important to know how far away are people moving?

Below displayed inforgraphic beautifully tells the details about "how far away are people moving?"

For more information, Visit:

10 things to do before you move home

While moving home, we have to take care of many things as moving is not easy at all.

The below displayed infographic highlights about 10 things everyone should do before moving home.


Thursday, November 28, 2013

Moving During Winter [Infographic]

Moishe's has launched an infographic with the big idea of creating a mini guide for winter moves. Winter is a difficult time to make a move due to the chilling weather and snow. But it also brings many benefits like cost and energy saving and hassle free move. The infographic aims to cover all of it – the costs, benefits and tips for winter moving.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Keeping Your Books Alive for Years to Come

Books play a special part in our lives. Even in the times of smartphones, apps and e-books, nothing can diminish the value of books. There is nothing more pleasurable for an avid reader to find the hard copy of the recent bestseller or a classic and mentally preparing when he or she will be over reading that. If you have a huge collection of books and are planning to store them in a self storage facility, here are some useful tips that will keep your books as new as always –

  • Books offer a good breeding ground for pests and therefore, before storing them, thoroughly brush all the dust away with the help of a soft cloth or paintbrush.
  • Ensure that the cloth you are using for cleaning the book is dry and clean as anything with moisture may attract the pests and molds.
  • In case you find small eggs, remove them with the help of the brush and it is not recommended to use bug spray as it can harm the paper.
  • Most people use newspaper to wrap the books. However, refrain from doing so as newspaper will not keep the dust away. Pack the books in bubble wrap or dust jackets to ensure that they stay away from any sort of dust or moisture.
  • Clean the unit and the box where you are storing the books.
  • Ensure that you store the books in cool and dry surroundings.

Keep these pointers in mind while storing the books and enjoy the literary gems for generations.

Protecting Your Belongings in a Self Storage Unit

Burglaries do not come by knocking on your doors and even if you have selected an advanced Manhattan storage unit for your belongings, it pays to be extra vigilant. High tech devices, surveillance cameras and security guards are an added bonus, but when you are planning to store your belongings, here are some things that you can do to enhance the security of your belongings –

  • Investing in a high quality lock is a good decision as it will deter thieves, who have managed to enter a storage facility from targeting a unit that has been secured with a burly looking lock. Since burglaries do not take much time, burglars prefer to go for units that do not have locks because of the fear of getting being caught.
  • Keep the most precious belongings farthest from the front as said before, most burglaries take place quickly and are at most of the times just pick and steal. Keeping your belongings away from the entrance will keep the thieves to make their way through all those boxes and reach for them.
  • Buy additional insurance for your belongings. We invest in all sorts of insurance whether it is car insurance, health insurance or flood insurance. Additional insurance on the belongings will protect you from any financial burden when there is some unwanted situation.
  • This might sound hilarious but a lot of people store their most precious belongings in boxes that are labeled telling something very insignificant inside.

Selecting a proper storage facility saves you from a lot of trouble in the long run. It is therefore critical to do your research and find a storage facility which is situated in a neighborhood where there are no such instances of petty crimes and robberies. Ensure that the unit you are choosing has a manager on duty always and only authorized personnel have the permission to enter. Proximity to the local police department is also an added bonus when you are finalizing a Manhattan storage facility.

Security of your belongings should be your first concern when storing your belongings in a storage place away from your home. Keep these important things in mind and ensure complete safety of your belongings for years to come.

How to Store Watches?

Keeping time in your hands is one thing no one can ever do. However, you can definitely store the magnificent and exclusive time pieces. If you are an avid watch collector, or just someone who wants to keep their timepieces safe, here are some important tips –

  • When you are planning to store your watches in a self storage facility, the first thing that you need to do is to clean them properly. You can either go for winders if you have automatic watches or store them without those. If you have mechanical watches, ensure that you store all the pieces with the watch so that you do not end up losing them.
  • Clean the watches thoroughly as they can get clogged due to dust.
  • Although it is recommended to pack the watches in their original packing, however, if you do not have the original packing, pack them in a box or case in which the watch can get stored properly.
  • Clocks and watches can get affected in extreme climates, especially hot and humid climate. It is therefore necessary to store watches in a climate controlled self storage unit.

Watches have a good shelf life and can keep on working for decades if maintained properly. Keep these tips in mind for storing your watches.

Gear up Your Home for Celebrations with Self Storage this Holiday Season

The holiday season is approaching fast and this is that time again when we are visited by friends and family. With so much on the cards, it becomes important to keep your home clutter free during and after the holiday season. Here some the significance of self storage facilities.

We all love to decorate our homes in the festive theme and make them look unique. However, lack of space is something we all have to cope with. If you are planning to paint your house in the festive fervor, the first thing you have to do is to clear the clutter. By storing your belongings in a New York City storage unit, you not only make your home perfect for decorations, but also make it a better place to accommodate your guests.

The best part about self storage facilities is that they are 24 hours under surveillance and offers complete security for your belongings. In addition, you can always come and take something out from your belongings whenever needed. Do not let cramped spaces hamper your festive spirit this season. Find the best storage space for your belongings and dive in the celebrations.

Top 5 Movies with Divorce as the Theme

Divorce can be an extremely traumatic life event for both the partners. However, time heals all the wounds and people get back on their life after some time. Here is a look at the top 5 movies that revolve around the theme of divorce –

Kramer vs. Kramer (1979) – This outstanding court room drama revolving around a couple where the husband (Dustin Hoffman) is unable to balance work and family life, ultimately forcing his wife (Meryl Streep) to leave home and making him take care of their son. After initial struggle, the father and son start to bond and what follows is the courtroom battle for the child’s custody. The movie won 5 Academy Awards including the Best Picture.

Stepmom (1998) – Luke (Ed Harris) and Jackie (Susan Sarandon) is a divorced couple who are trying hard to make their children cope up with their divorce. The twist in the movie arrives when Jackie is diagnosed with terminal lymphoma and she tries to make her kids accept Isabel (Julia Roberts), Luke’s girlfriend. The rest is a heart warming tale of the family bonding over leaving the bitterness behind.

The Squid and the Whale (2005) – Can parents’ troubled lives affect their kids? The movie is the story of a couple, who are both writers, who separate owing to jealousy among them. The sons stay with each parent and then their own lives get entangled within the trauma of the divorce and the bitter memories it brought with it.

Under the Tuscan Sun (2003) – The movie is a perfect example that things can definitely get better after divorce. The movie follows Diane Lane’s journey as a divorced lady who to reinvent herself basks on a trip to Tuscany. There she meets a lot of interesting people and finally the one she had been waiting for.

Divorce is a hard time and it becomes even harder as one of the partners has to move to another location. Since finding a house is not something you can do within a couple of hours or even days or months, finding a secure place for the belongings add to the emotional pain associated with divorce. NY storage is the best alternative for couples who are contemplating divorce as here you can keep your belongings safely until you find a proper accommodation and that too without any long term commitment.

Do not feel saddened by divorce and keep your belongings safely in a New York storage unit to make things easier for you during these troubled times.

Self Storage – An Ideal Solution for the Lazy

“I choose a lazy person to do a hard job because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.” – Bill Gates

Former Microsoft CEO once said that hiring a lazy person for a hard job is beneficial. Although here we are not commenting on anyone’s professional laziness, when it comes to personal lives, most people are actually lazy. This is one of the reasons why the most of us have so many belongings in our house as we keep on accumulating the new ones while finding it extremely annoying to take care of the already existing belongings.

Work pressures and mounting deadlines leave no space for taking care of our homes. Result, we have overflowing attics and almost abundant cellars. NY storage is the best option for people who are finding it hard to keep their belongings in their homes.

Often people think that self storage options are useful only for people who are moving. However, self storage is an outstanding alternative for anyone who is facing a space crunch. Whether it is your home, office or commercial space, self storage units give you the option of keeping your belongings safe and secure. So find the best storage facility for your belongings today.

8 Important Observations to Make when Renting a Self Storage Unit

You have done your research and shortlisted a few NY storage units to keep your belongings. Even though the storage facilities claim to offer the best storage options, you need to be careful as you are storing your precious belongings there. A tour of the storage facility will help you decide whether you should commit your belongings there or not. Here are a few observations that you need to make when inspecting a self storage unit –

  • Check out the building and see if it is properly fenced to keep the intruders away.
  • Check the lawns for any overgrowth or unkempt.
  • Observe who have access to the facility and the basic procedure of entering through the main gate.
  • See if the storage facility is properly lit and there are no dim or unlit patches.
  • When touring the facility, check the basic levels of cleanliness in the floors, passages and elevators.
  • It is always recommended to tour the neighborhood to see what type of houses and buildings are there. This will give you a fair idea about selecting the storage facility.
  • Also observe the guards and if they frequently leave their post to roam here and there.
  • Check the surveillance cameras and other security devices if they actually work or not.

The safety of your belongings is the first concern before committing your belongings to a storage facility. Remember these points and ensure the safety of your belongings.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

How To Save on Moving Expenses [Infographic]

This infographic titled ‘How To Save on Moving Expenses’ has been created with the big idea of imparting knowledge about dealing with one of the major effects of moving – managing the moving expenses. Moving is one of the most stressful events in a person’s life and being able to save on the expenses can definitely reduce the stress.

The infographic gives an effective plan to minimize the financial impact of moving by:
  • Showing the statistics about moving expenses which give a fair idea about the costs involved
  • A step by step approach to saving on various events of moving – packing, movers, labor, damages and on the road.
  • New ways to save on miscellaneous expenses and generate cash

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Reasons that Keep People Away from Using Self Storage Units

Cramped spaces, overstuffed closets and no visible difference between a bedroom and a junkyard, this is the situation of various households. However, people still people shy away from storage units. Here are some reasons or myths associated with self storage units that keep people stay away from storage facilities –

  • Self storage facilities are not safe – A lot of people think that storing their belongings in NY storage facilities is not safe. However, in reality reputable storage facilities are 24 hours under camera surveillance and are guarded by armed guards and protected with sophisticated locking systems, making them extremely safe.

  • Keeping your belongings in a self storage facility is expensive – People are also under the impression that self storage units are quite expensive and they would be asked to pay exorbitant rent for keeping their belongings there. However, the cost totally depends upon the unit size that you choose and the belongings that you store. You do not have to pay for a complete room sized unit if you are storing a few belongings.

  • Your goods can be damaged in a self storage facility – The fear of goods getting damaged also make people stay away from self storage facilities. In reality, a majority of self storage units are climate controlled that offer best storage for your belongings, even better than your homes. Moreover, self storage facilities are cleaned on a regular basis to ensure that there is no moth growth or insect or rat infestation.

  • You can only access self storage facilities during the normal working hours –Another prevalent myth is that you can only access your belongings during the normal office hours. Self storage units function in such a way to make it easier for the people using them. The best Manhattan storage facilities are open 24 hours in order to accommodate the needs of different people using them. You do not have to skip work to get something out or wait for the weekend to keep anything in the self storage facility.

As the home style trends keep on changing, we as homeowners start updating our homes without thinking about the belongings that we already have. This leads to accumulation of more belongings than our living spaces can accommodate. Self storage is the best option to keep seasonal, less frequently and such goods which we can neither keep, nor throw. So shed your inhibitions and choose the best Manhattan storage facilityfor your belongings today to keep your home and mind clear.

Why do we Need Self Storage?

Home is the place which is built on the foundation of love, care and sharing. Each and every home depicts the tale of its inhabitants. Home is the place where a family shares its joys and huddles together in hard times. However, as the days pass, we get so attached to our belongings that we refuse to part ways with them. This makes our living space cluttered, leading to a loss of warmth that the members used to share.

Our belongings become a part of our life. Whether it is grandma’s old piano or a wooden chest from Morocco, belongings take a special place in our lives. However with time, these possessions lose their style quotient and become mere showpieces. Even though, we can not throw them away as they hold a special place in our lives. In addition, seasonal goods and sports equipment also occupy space in our homes as we know that they would be used sometime later.

Self storage units are the ideal solution as they not only provide a place for our belongings, but they also ensure their complete safety and security. Choose the best New York City storage and make your home habitable again.

5 Signs that Suggest You Need to Store Your Belongings in a Self Storage Unit

Home organization is one of the biggest issues that homeowners face. There is no house that does not have the requirement for additional space. However, we are humans and have a tendency to adorn our houses with more and more belongings. Most people are skeptical about storing their belongings in a self storage facility and think that they are much better without them. This leads to cramped living spaces. Here are 5 signs that suggest you need a self storage unit –

Sign 1 – When you do not know what is in the closet.

Closets are meant to store belongings that you can use at a latter date. However, when you have excess belongings, you have no option but to store them in the limited space that you have. If you can not find or recall where you kept certain belongings, you definitely need storage facilities.

Sign 2 – When you can not throw a party.

There are hundreds of occasions when you can throw a party in your home. However, if your house is cluttered, you will not feel like throwing a bash as subconsciously you know that it will create a mess in already messy surroundings. If you can not invite your friends to your home, then it is a sign that you need to do some space management.

Sign 3 – You can not park your car in the parking space.

Your parking shade is for your car only. However, if you can not park your car their because of the space being packed to the brim with sports equipment, RVs, or broken appliances, it is a sign that you are desperately in need of storage space.

Sign 4 – Your daughter is coming home for summers and you are not happy.

If you feel scared at the thought of your daughter or son coming home to spend summers with you, as you have used that room as a junkyard, you definitely should be browsing the internet for Manhattan storage facilities.

Sign 5 – When you do not feel like coming to your home.

Probably the gravest sign of the all, nothing can be more disheartening than people hesitating to come to their own home. Home is your personal space and if you feel this ways, it suggests that your belongings have crept in your personal space, distancing you from your home.

Self storage units are the best option to keep your belongings safe without having to worry about lack of space at your home. Choose the best self storage facility and enjoy the comfort of your home.

Things that You can not Store in a Self Storage Facility

Self storage facilities have become an important part of our lives and more and more people are keeping there belongings in self storage facilities. Even though people store bizarre stuff in self storage units that range from grandmother’s ashes to unused Michael Jackson tunes, there are a few things that are not acceptable in any self storage unit –

  • Dangerous substances – Various substances such as gasoline, acids, pesticides, fertilizers, fireworks, weapons and biological wastes pose a threat to the life, as well as the property, making them strictly banned from storing in NY storage facility.

  • Illegal belongings – Narcotics, regulated drugs, anything which is not permitted by the law is not allowed to be stored in a self storage facility.

  • Stolen belongings – Although it is hard to prove what is stolen and what is not, self storage facilities can refuse to store anything that they feel are illegal or stolen. This is one of the reasons it is not allowed to store vehicles without registration and insurance.

  • Animals – Animals are not allowed inside a self storage facility. If you are moving to some other place or going for a vacation for a couple of months, find proper animal shelters as storage spaces are meant only for your belongings.

Storing Your Electronics? – Keep these Tips in Mind

Technology keeps on updating itself every moment and the gadget or electrical appliance that we used before, becomes obsolete with time. Such electronic appliances only take space in our homes as we can not bring ourselves to throw them. This is where we can make use of self storage units for keeping our belongings safe. However, if you are planning to keep your belongings in a self storage facility, there are a few important tips that you need to keep in mind.

One of the mistakes that people make when storing electronic appliances is that they do not remove the batteries. It is extremely critical to remove the batteries from the appliances before saving them. Alkaline batteries come in contact with the carbon dioxide present in the air that leads to the formation of potassium carbonate, which can permanently damage the electronics.

Electronic appliances can get damaged if not stored in a proper climate. It is therefore necessary that you store your belongings in a climate controlled storage facility. Select a climate controlled storage facility as storing them in a constant temperature is necessary for their proper functioning. Keep these important considerations in mind while storing your electronic appliances.

Storing Your Car in a Self Storage Unit

If you are going out for some months or have a car that you do not use, it is wise to keep your car at a self storage unit. Self storage facilities will keep your car safe from environmental threats, as well as, threats from car thieves and plunderers. However, if you are storing your car in a self storage unit, here are a few things that you should keep in mind –

  • Get your car serviced and ensure that it is in a proper condition.
  • Check the registration and insurance of your vehicle before storing it in a New York storage unit as you are not legally entitled to store a vehicle without a registration and insurance.
  • Thoroughly clean the car to ensure that there is no dirt or dust or moisture left. After cleaning the vehicle, apply a coating of wax or polish so as to protect your car from rusting.
  • Remove the used engine oil and replace it with new oil as old engine oil can cause rusting of the engine.
  • When storing the vehicle, ensure that the gas tank is full as air in the gas tank can lead to corrosion.
  • Check the brakes and any signs of leakage and check the air in the tires.

Keep these tips in mind and keep your car safe in the storage facility.

Is Your Self Storage Facility Safe and Secure?

Most people are skeptical about the security of their self storage unit. Since storage is a big issue among people, this has led to the mushrooming of numerous self storage units in every neighborhood. Security of your belongings should be your first priority when you are thinking of keeping your belongings at a self storage unit. Here are some security options that your should look in a self storage facility –

  • Check if the self storage facility has CCTV cameras in every corridor and individual unit. Ensure that they work as well.
  • Make sure that the Manhattan storage unit where you are thinking of keeping your belongings has armed guards that keep vigilance round the clock.
  • Every storage facility must have an alarm system which is linked to the local police station. In addition, each unit must also have alarm systems that are connected with the main alarm.
  • A good storage facility should allow access to only the users or someone who is officially authorized on their behalf to access their storage space. The storage facility that you choose should not give access to any unauthorized person.
  • Smart cards, keyless locks, and intercom systems are some of the other options that you should look for.

Keep these security options in mind and keep your belongings safe always.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Self Storage for College Students in New York City

High school graduation is over and now it is the time for a new life. The blissful journey of adulthood and freedom has just begun not only for the fresh graduate, but also for the parents. However, the actual struggle start when you plan to come back home during the summers. No matter you may have spent your whole childhood in your room at your parents’ house, but once you are gone to college, your room is used by someone else or for something else and it becomes impossible to accommodate all your college stuff in there.

Moreover, when you are visiting your home for summers, it is not practical to carry all your belongings from your dormitory to your home and back again. In addition, leaving your belongings behind may result in loss or damages. The best alternative in such a solution is self storage units.

Self storage units offer a safe haven for your belongings. You can keep your important notes, books, equipment and other furniture in a New York city storage unit and ensure their safety throughout the summer. As these units are guarded by armed personnel and are 24 hours under surveillance, it becomes impossible to breach the security and reach your belongings. Find the best storage facility and keep your belongings safe during your stay with your family.

Smart Storage Tips : New York Self Storage

Self storage is the best option when you are either facing a space crunch at your home or planning to move to a new location but not sure what to do with the additional belongings. If you have decided to store your belongings at a New York storage facility, here are some tips that you need to keep in mind to ensure that your belongings remain safe and are not damaged during the transit or at the storage facility –

  • Do not leave spaces between the items that you pack, especially fragile items as this will allow the items to come in contact with each other, leading to breakage and scratching.
  • Always use boxes that are made only for the purpose of storing belongings. Most people will suggest using cartons or other cardboard boxes as that will be cheaper. However, use only boxes specifically meant for storage purpose for the safety of your belongings.
  • Fill cups and other breakable items with padding to ensure that they do not crack.
  • If you are packing something that can be stained by ink, do not use newspaper to pack such items.
  • When storing refrigerators or freezers, ensure that they are empty and defrost them.
  • Kitchen appliances should be cleaned thoroughly as unclean appliances can attract moths and insects, which can jeopardize your whole storage space.
  • When storing heavy machinery such as bikes or lawn mowers, clean them thoroughly, wipe them and apply either polish or oil to prevent rusting.
  • You can make use of the furniture when storing your belongings. There are several items such as books or toys that can be stored in the furniture. Take off anything lying in the space provided for storage in your furniture, clean the space and then neatly keep the belongings in there.
  • When storing alcohol, ensure that it is tightly packed and is not stored with items that can be damaged permanently in case there is a leakage.
  • When packing glassware and dishes, ensure that both the sides are prepared with a protective layer of paper or bubble wrap to ensure no breakage.
  • When storing clothes, add moth balls to avoid moths and pests from infesting them.

Self storage facilities are a good option as they allow people to have a secure place for their belongings without having to worry about the lack of space at their homes or offices. Keep these tips in mind and choose the best self storage unit to keep your belongings safe always.

Need Self Storage? – Important Things to Consider

No matter how big our house is, we all need additional space for keeping our belongings. Human beings have an inclination towards accumulating more belongings than they can use. And the worst part is that we simply can not part away with our treasures even if they were bought a decade back and no longer used. This is where self storage facilities show us the silver lining. However, if you are planning to store your additional belongings in a New York self storage facility, here are some things that you need to keep in mind before selecting a self storage unit –

Evaluate why you need storage space – This is the first thing to do as storage requirements could be different for different people. Your requirements could be based on various factors such as moving to a new location, shifting to a new house, long vacation, home renovation or requirement for additional space for any event. By evaluating your storage requirements, you have a fair idea of for how long you need the self storage unit. When you are clear why you need storage space, this will help you in selecting the best New York self storage facility.

Research – When you are researching about storage facilities, you need to employ both primary and secondary research methods. Browse the internet and research about the storage facilities in or near your neighborhood. Personally visit the shortlisted facility and carefully examine them. It is wise to choose a self storage facility that is closest to your location. However, there are other factors to consider if the storage facilities near your location are not good.

Security – Make sure that the self storage facility that you choose is properly secured to ensure the safety of your belongings. Heavy doors, armed guards, surveillance cameras, fencing and the presence of other security gadgets ensure that your belongings will be protected from thieves and robbers. In addition, select a climate controlled unit as it will protect your belongings from adverse climatic conditions.

Rent – Several storage space providers increase the rent of the unit without any prior notice. It is therefore enquire about the renting policy and have a written copy of the agreement so that you do not have to face any hardship later.

Self storage units are the best option when you want to keep your belongings safe. Keep these points in mind and give your belongings a home away from home.

Importance of Climate Controlled Self Storage

The basic purpose of self storage units is to keep your belongings safe from both external and internal factors. Your NY storage facility may have sophisticated security gadgets and armed guards to protect your belongings from thieves and robbers, but this could be of no use if your goods are not stored in proper climate.

Various items, such as fabrics, leather goods, electronic appliances, paper or wooden furniture, among others, which we store in a storage unit, are temperature sensitive. If they are not stored in proper climatic conditions, they can become damaged and not appropriate for further usage.

Climate controlled self storage units protect your precious belongings from adverse climatic conditions, dust, dirt, snow, rain, excessive sunlight, mold and humidity. The temperature in such storage facilities is maintained at optimal levels to ensure that your belongings remain safe. In addition, climate controlled self storage units also prevent your belongings from insects and mice, ensuring that your belongings do not get affected by any kind of infestation. If you are planning to keep your belongings in a storage unit, ensure that it is climate controlled as this will protect your belongings from internal threats and forces of nature.

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What are the Advantages of Climate Controlled Storage?

Self-storage units have become very popular in recent years. Many people find themselves in need of more storage space than their own homes and garages can provide. Storage unit rental agents offer lessees a number of different options, including what is known as climate controlled storage. This type of storage may cost a little more than regular options, but there are some definite advantages to consider.


Keep your identity safe while Moving

This infographic was shared by one of the leading identity theft protection company. They aimed to provide tips for customers and protect them from identity theft while moving.

Top Safety Tips for Consumers Planning a Move:
-Submit a Change of Address Form
- Make a Checklist
-Keep sensitive documents safe with you
-choose only reputable moving company
-supervise the move
-Monitor all financial statements

Why people Relocate.

Millions of American pack up their belongings and find new homes every year. What makes people hunt for new places to lay down roots? Any number of reasons can factor into a move, from changes at work to changes in relationships. A Long Island moving services and storage company put together this infographic, which includes statistics about moving and the most common reasons why people relocate. Please consider sharing this interesting information with the people in your network.

Staying Safe on Moving Day

Moving to a new house is a stress full and tedious task. One should always follow safety measures before planning to relocate to a new address. Please refer the below link for more information’s and safety tips on being safe and cautious while moving and relocating.
For more information about the safety factors browse

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Ways to Find a Trustworthy Moving Company

The most important factor that involves at the time shifting or relocating is to find a trustworthy moving company..The big question lies what are the steps one needs to keep in mind during relocationAt this moment I would recommend you to use the service of a reputable and trustworthy mover or moving company.
The question lies how does one find a trustworthy moving company.

Among the wide range of available companies in this industry how to find a trustworthy one is the right question that you are asking yourself. Now you have the opportunity to choose between so many movers. So, how can you find a trustworthy company? We have created a list of appropriate requirements that can help you decide what to do when looking for a mover.

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How to find best reputable NYC Movers?

After my first moving experience I can say for sure that shifting is one of the hardest jobs. So here I take the opportunity to guide you to overcome these problems which one could face while moving. Below are some points which are prepared to find you the best moving company in NYC.
  • Take reference from your friends and relatives.
  • Read moving reviews on moving companies from top review sites.
  • Try to keep a record of any moving trucks of popular moving companies within the city.
  • Start research in advance
Following these simple steps could help you in simplifying your mover at the best moving costs.
For more information browse http://bureaucratization/reputable-best-nyc-moving-companies/

Tips for simple and straightforward Move

Let’s see some useful tips for moving into a new house with the help of below colorful and enriched info graphic. Follow these top 10 moving tips to make your moving process simple and straightforward.
We hope this answers your questions However for any further queries please visit the below mentioned URL

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Be Storage Savvy: 7 Important Factors to Consider

As always, the BBB advises you to use caution when signing the dotted line. Here are 7 factors to consider when deciding on a storage unit facility:

  • Cost. 
  • Size. 
  • Climate.  
  • Insurance. 
  • Safety. 
  • Access. 
  • Contract. 

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The Essential Guide to Renting a Storage Unit

Many of us, at one point or another, will use self-storage. Whether it be for college, moving, general storage or downsizing, self-storage remains a viable option for those with simply too much stuff.
Though, if you’ve never used self-storage before, the process can seem overwhelming: What is climate control, and do you need it? What should you bring on the day of move-in? Will you end up on Storage Wars? If these questions have ever crossed your mind, keep reading for a comprehensive guide to renting a storage unit.

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Top 5 Necessary Moving and Storage Supplies

Basic preparation can make your move into a new home or temporary storage unit much more efficient. Think ahead about what supplies you’ll need on-hand through the move, and be sure your arsenal is fully stocked with the essentials. Heed this advice and take a deep breath — your belongings will be safe, sound and organized when it’s all over.

1. Boxes and permanent markers: Label boxes with bold markers for quick identificatio.

2. Packing tape: Clear 2-inch wide packaging tape is the perfect tool to seal your boxes.

3. Wrappings: Bubble wrap is ideal for smaller precious items, while moving pads and packing blankets should be sandwiched between and wrapped around furniture and other large pieces.

4. Dolly or flat-bed cart: call Dolly or flat bed cart in advance to make sure. You don’t want to have to inefficiently drag or carry heavy boxes across the parking lot, one at a time.

5. Sturdy storage lock: Choose a closed-shackle padlock or disc lock. Your facility manager can recommend the best type for their doors.

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How to Protect Your Self-Storage Unit

According to the 2012 Self-Storage Almanac, 7 percent of facilities in the U.S. had reported break-ins or thefts in the previous year, down from 18.2 percent in 2010. Even with that decline, burglary remains a threat at self-storage facilities.
In the same way you may rely on alarm systems and neighborhood watch programs to protect your home from burglars, you should be proactive about preventing theft at your self-storage unit.

Choosing a Secure Self-Storage Facility

To safeguard your stored goods and avoid the cost of replacing stolen items, you always should be thorough when selecting a facility, said Andrew Schrage, co-owner of personal finance website Before booking a facility, review all of the listed security features, call the manager if you need any clarification and, if possible, visit the facility in person.

Taking Safety Into Your Own Hands

Even after you’ve chosen a secure storage facility, you still can take steps to make sure your belongings are safe.


Packing Tips for Self Storage

The Infographic displayed below highlights some usefull packing tips:


Why Use Self Storage Facilities in USA - An Infographic

There are always occasions when you do not have enough space in your house, office, or business premise to store the material you have got and you wish if you could move some material, which is not going to be needed for quite some times, and store it to some other place safely. This is what self storage services are offering today. The concept has picked the wave and has developed in a full fledged industry in most of the parts of USA today. Here are some advantages of using self storage services.

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The Self Storage Industry Facts and Figures

The infographic displayed below forecast the data provided by the Self Storage Association (SSA) on the current storage industry in the United States. The data presents how the self storage industry contributes to the local economy by employing over 172,000 individuals and paying over $3 billion in state and local taxes. The data also states that there is over 2.3 billion square feet of self storage rentable space in the U.S. This represents 78 square miles or  three times the size of Manhattan of available storage. The last figures also saw a 65% increase in the number of households that rent a self storage unit over the last 17 years. -

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data provided by the Self Storage Association (SSA) on the current storage industry in the United States. The data presents how the self storage industry contributes to the local economy by employing over 172,000 individuals and paying over $3 billion in state and local taxes. The data also states that there is over 2.3 billion square feet of self storage rentable space in the U.S. This represents 78 square miles or  three times the size of Manhattan of available storage. The last figures also saw a 65% increase in the number of households that rent a self storage unit over the last 17 years. - See more at:
data provided by the Self Storage Association (SSA) on the current storage industry in the United States. The data presents how the self storage industry contributes to the local economy by employing over 172,000 individuals and paying over $3 billion in state and local taxes. The data also states that there is over 2.3 billion square feet of self storage rentable space in the U.S. This represents 78 square miles or  three times the size of Manhattan of available storage. The last figures also saw a 65% increase in the number of households that rent a self storage unit over the last 17 years. - See more at:
data provided by the Self Storage Association (SSA) on the current storage industry in the United States. The data presents how the self storage industry contributes to the local economy by employing over 172,000 individuals and paying over $3 billion in state and local taxes. The data also states that there is over 2.3 billion square feet of self storage rentable space in the U.S. This represents 78 square miles or  three times the size of Manhattan of available storage. The last figures also saw a 65% increase in the number of households that rent a self storage unit over the last 17 years. - See more at:
data provided by the Self Storage Association (SSA) on the current storage industry in the United States. The data presents how the self storage industry contributes to the local economy by employing over 172,000 individuals and paying over $3 billion in state and local taxes. The data also states that there is over 2.3 billion square feet of self storage rentable space in the U.S. This represents 78 square miles or  three times the size of Manhattan of available storage. The last figures also saw a 65% increase in the number of households that rent a self storage unit over the last 17 years. - See more at:

24 Surprising Findings of Self Storage Auctions

The infographic displayed below lists 24 bizarre items found in self storage auctions.

 original source:

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NYC & Moishe's Mobile Storage Want Lebron James on the Knicks!

INFOGRAPHIC: Self-Storage Explodes!

Americans have a lot of stuff, and no where to put it. This is clear from the popularity of self-storage here as compared to other countries. We’re responsible for around 86% of the entire global self-storage market, with 50,100 storage facilities in the continental U.S. as of last year.


The Future of Self Storage by Scott Meyers

As we look to the future of self storage, it’s very clear that the future looks bright. There are a few trends afoot backed by solid industry data that justify my positive outlook on this high growth industry. These trends are as follows:

1. Increasing Demand
2. High Technical Facilities
3. More Products and Services
4. Focus on customer service
5. Industrial Consolidation
6. Increased Competition
7. Increase in value

To read this in more details browse:     

Image Why you should opt for Self Storage

The self storage innovation has been a boon for both the entrepreneurs and the customers. The former benefited because here was new business model in home transportation which afforded good business on account of being able to offer attractive services to the clients


Advantages of Storage Units

There are several advantages of using self storage. Some of the important benefits are
  1. Self storage is a private storage and the storage company need not know that you have stored. However, you cannot store something that is dangerous or unlawful. Some companies don't keep a record of items at are removed or added to the unit, so you don't have to share the details with them.
  2. Many companies build storage facilities close to a residential or commercial area. This saves time as you don't have to travel to a far off location to use the facility. Also, you don't have to fix an appointment to use the facility. You can access the facility as and when you please.
  3. Most storage facilities have 24 hour security personal to ensure the safety of the items stored in the storage unit. You can also provide your own lock so one can enter the unit without your permission. Even the storage owner will require your permission to access the storage facility.
  4. Hiring a storage facility is one of the cheapest ways of storing your belongings. The biggest benefit of using the facility is that you only pay for the space used by you. You have to pay the owner every month depending on the space used by you. This will help in reducing your expenses and ensure the safety of the items stored.

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Common Enemies of Storage: Video by Moishes

This video titled 'Common Enemies of Storage' is an attempt to create awareness among people about safety of the items they have put or plan to put in self storage. This video shows the common factors causing degeneration of stored items and the strategies to combat each of these enemies.

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A Peep into Different Types of Self Storage Facilities

Although self storage facilities offer us a safe and secure place to store our belongings, there differ from each other in certain aspects. Here are the different types of self storage facilities –

Indoor storage facilities – These include levels of storage units, like rooms in a hotel, where people can hire storage space as per their requirements.

Outdoor storage facilities – Outdoor storage facilities are for heavy and bulky vehicles, equipment and machinery, which can not be stored inside, owing to their weight and inconvenience it can cause.

Drive-up storage facilities – Similar to an enclosed garage, drive-in storage facilities allow customers to drive in and leave their belongings or the vehicle that has to be stored. This type of storage facilities are most used by retail stores to keep their stock, which is needed on a daily basis.

Storage pods – Storage pods are for the people who want to store belongings at their own place. These are huge containers which are delivered by the storage company to the individual houses with the option of retrieving them when they are finished packing.

Whatever may be your requirements, self storage is an outstanding option to keep your belongings safe. Select the best self storage facility to keep your belongings safe and secure.

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Office Relocation Made Easy with Self Storage

Often we associate self storage to be associated with residential moves. However, self storage is something that benefits everyone and not just the households. Self storage plays an important move during office relocation. Whatever might be your reason of relocating to a new office, self storage facilities provide you the best solution for storing your office furniture and equipment.

While relocating, a company has to make various decisions that may include downsizing or upsizing owing to the management policy. In such a case, it becomes essential to have a safe place to store the belongings until the business have decided upon what furniture and equipment to keep and what else to part with.

Self storage units offer safe storage options to businesses. These units are guarded by armed guards and are round the block under camera surveillance. In addition, unauthorized entry into the storage units is not permitted, which offers complete security. Further, by offering climate controlled storage options, NY storage facilities also ensure that your office equipment and furniture are not damaged by adverse climatic conditions. With so many advantages, self storage becomes a great option for offices while relocating.