Sunday, November 24, 2013

Keeping Your Books Alive for Years to Come

Books play a special part in our lives. Even in the times of smartphones, apps and e-books, nothing can diminish the value of books. There is nothing more pleasurable for an avid reader to find the hard copy of the recent bestseller or a classic and mentally preparing when he or she will be over reading that. If you have a huge collection of books and are planning to store them in a self storage facility, here are some useful tips that will keep your books as new as always –

  • Books offer a good breeding ground for pests and therefore, before storing them, thoroughly brush all the dust away with the help of a soft cloth or paintbrush.
  • Ensure that the cloth you are using for cleaning the book is dry and clean as anything with moisture may attract the pests and molds.
  • In case you find small eggs, remove them with the help of the brush and it is not recommended to use bug spray as it can harm the paper.
  • Most people use newspaper to wrap the books. However, refrain from doing so as newspaper will not keep the dust away. Pack the books in bubble wrap or dust jackets to ensure that they stay away from any sort of dust or moisture.
  • Clean the unit and the box where you are storing the books.
  • Ensure that you store the books in cool and dry surroundings.

Keep these pointers in mind while storing the books and enjoy the literary gems for generations.


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