Sunday, November 24, 2013

Protecting Your Belongings in a Self Storage Unit

Burglaries do not come by knocking on your doors and even if you have selected an advanced Manhattan storage unit for your belongings, it pays to be extra vigilant. High tech devices, surveillance cameras and security guards are an added bonus, but when you are planning to store your belongings, here are some things that you can do to enhance the security of your belongings –

  • Investing in a high quality lock is a good decision as it will deter thieves, who have managed to enter a storage facility from targeting a unit that has been secured with a burly looking lock. Since burglaries do not take much time, burglars prefer to go for units that do not have locks because of the fear of getting being caught.
  • Keep the most precious belongings farthest from the front as said before, most burglaries take place quickly and are at most of the times just pick and steal. Keeping your belongings away from the entrance will keep the thieves to make their way through all those boxes and reach for them.
  • Buy additional insurance for your belongings. We invest in all sorts of insurance whether it is car insurance, health insurance or flood insurance. Additional insurance on the belongings will protect you from any financial burden when there is some unwanted situation.
  • This might sound hilarious but a lot of people store their most precious belongings in boxes that are labeled telling something very insignificant inside.

Selecting a proper storage facility saves you from a lot of trouble in the long run. It is therefore critical to do your research and find a storage facility which is situated in a neighborhood where there are no such instances of petty crimes and robberies. Ensure that the unit you are choosing has a manager on duty always and only authorized personnel have the permission to enter. Proximity to the local police department is also an added bonus when you are finalizing a Manhattan storage facility.

Security of your belongings should be your first concern when storing your belongings in a storage place away from your home. Keep these important things in mind and ensure complete safety of your belongings for years to come.


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