Thursday, November 28, 2013

Moving During Winter [Infographic]

Moishe's has launched an infographic with the big idea of creating a mini guide for winter moves. Winter is a difficult time to make a move due to the chilling weather and snow. But it also brings many benefits like cost and energy saving and hassle free move. The infographic aims to cover all of it – the costs, benefits and tips for winter moving.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Keeping Your Books Alive for Years to Come

Books play a special part in our lives. Even in the times of smartphones, apps and e-books, nothing can diminish the value of books. There is nothing more pleasurable for an avid reader to find the hard copy of the recent bestseller or a classic and mentally preparing when he or she will be over reading that. If you have a huge collection of books and are planning to store them in a self storage facility, here are some useful tips that will keep your books as new as always –

  • Books offer a good breeding ground for pests and therefore, before storing them, thoroughly brush all the dust away with the help of a soft cloth or paintbrush.
  • Ensure that the cloth you are using for cleaning the book is dry and clean as anything with moisture may attract the pests and molds.
  • In case you find small eggs, remove them with the help of the brush and it is not recommended to use bug spray as it can harm the paper.
  • Most people use newspaper to wrap the books. However, refrain from doing so as newspaper will not keep the dust away. Pack the books in bubble wrap or dust jackets to ensure that they stay away from any sort of dust or moisture.
  • Clean the unit and the box where you are storing the books.
  • Ensure that you store the books in cool and dry surroundings.

Keep these pointers in mind while storing the books and enjoy the literary gems for generations.

Protecting Your Belongings in a Self Storage Unit

Burglaries do not come by knocking on your doors and even if you have selected an advanced Manhattan storage unit for your belongings, it pays to be extra vigilant. High tech devices, surveillance cameras and security guards are an added bonus, but when you are planning to store your belongings, here are some things that you can do to enhance the security of your belongings –

  • Investing in a high quality lock is a good decision as it will deter thieves, who have managed to enter a storage facility from targeting a unit that has been secured with a burly looking lock. Since burglaries do not take much time, burglars prefer to go for units that do not have locks because of the fear of getting being caught.
  • Keep the most precious belongings farthest from the front as said before, most burglaries take place quickly and are at most of the times just pick and steal. Keeping your belongings away from the entrance will keep the thieves to make their way through all those boxes and reach for them.
  • Buy additional insurance for your belongings. We invest in all sorts of insurance whether it is car insurance, health insurance or flood insurance. Additional insurance on the belongings will protect you from any financial burden when there is some unwanted situation.
  • This might sound hilarious but a lot of people store their most precious belongings in boxes that are labeled telling something very insignificant inside.

Selecting a proper storage facility saves you from a lot of trouble in the long run. It is therefore critical to do your research and find a storage facility which is situated in a neighborhood where there are no such instances of petty crimes and robberies. Ensure that the unit you are choosing has a manager on duty always and only authorized personnel have the permission to enter. Proximity to the local police department is also an added bonus when you are finalizing a Manhattan storage facility.

Security of your belongings should be your first concern when storing your belongings in a storage place away from your home. Keep these important things in mind and ensure complete safety of your belongings for years to come.

How to Store Watches?

Keeping time in your hands is one thing no one can ever do. However, you can definitely store the magnificent and exclusive time pieces. If you are an avid watch collector, or just someone who wants to keep their timepieces safe, here are some important tips –

  • When you are planning to store your watches in a self storage facility, the first thing that you need to do is to clean them properly. You can either go for winders if you have automatic watches or store them without those. If you have mechanical watches, ensure that you store all the pieces with the watch so that you do not end up losing them.
  • Clean the watches thoroughly as they can get clogged due to dust.
  • Although it is recommended to pack the watches in their original packing, however, if you do not have the original packing, pack them in a box or case in which the watch can get stored properly.
  • Clocks and watches can get affected in extreme climates, especially hot and humid climate. It is therefore necessary to store watches in a climate controlled self storage unit.

Watches have a good shelf life and can keep on working for decades if maintained properly. Keep these tips in mind for storing your watches.

Gear up Your Home for Celebrations with Self Storage this Holiday Season

The holiday season is approaching fast and this is that time again when we are visited by friends and family. With so much on the cards, it becomes important to keep your home clutter free during and after the holiday season. Here some the significance of self storage facilities.

We all love to decorate our homes in the festive theme and make them look unique. However, lack of space is something we all have to cope with. If you are planning to paint your house in the festive fervor, the first thing you have to do is to clear the clutter. By storing your belongings in a New York City storage unit, you not only make your home perfect for decorations, but also make it a better place to accommodate your guests.

The best part about self storage facilities is that they are 24 hours under surveillance and offers complete security for your belongings. In addition, you can always come and take something out from your belongings whenever needed. Do not let cramped spaces hamper your festive spirit this season. Find the best storage space for your belongings and dive in the celebrations.

Top 5 Movies with Divorce as the Theme

Divorce can be an extremely traumatic life event for both the partners. However, time heals all the wounds and people get back on their life after some time. Here is a look at the top 5 movies that revolve around the theme of divorce –

Kramer vs. Kramer (1979) – This outstanding court room drama revolving around a couple where the husband (Dustin Hoffman) is unable to balance work and family life, ultimately forcing his wife (Meryl Streep) to leave home and making him take care of their son. After initial struggle, the father and son start to bond and what follows is the courtroom battle for the child’s custody. The movie won 5 Academy Awards including the Best Picture.

Stepmom (1998) – Luke (Ed Harris) and Jackie (Susan Sarandon) is a divorced couple who are trying hard to make their children cope up with their divorce. The twist in the movie arrives when Jackie is diagnosed with terminal lymphoma and she tries to make her kids accept Isabel (Julia Roberts), Luke’s girlfriend. The rest is a heart warming tale of the family bonding over leaving the bitterness behind.

The Squid and the Whale (2005) – Can parents’ troubled lives affect their kids? The movie is the story of a couple, who are both writers, who separate owing to jealousy among them. The sons stay with each parent and then their own lives get entangled within the trauma of the divorce and the bitter memories it brought with it.

Under the Tuscan Sun (2003) – The movie is a perfect example that things can definitely get better after divorce. The movie follows Diane Lane’s journey as a divorced lady who to reinvent herself basks on a trip to Tuscany. There she meets a lot of interesting people and finally the one she had been waiting for.

Divorce is a hard time and it becomes even harder as one of the partners has to move to another location. Since finding a house is not something you can do within a couple of hours or even days or months, finding a secure place for the belongings add to the emotional pain associated with divorce. NY storage is the best alternative for couples who are contemplating divorce as here you can keep your belongings safely until you find a proper accommodation and that too without any long term commitment.

Do not feel saddened by divorce and keep your belongings safely in a New York storage unit to make things easier for you during these troubled times.

Self Storage – An Ideal Solution for the Lazy

“I choose a lazy person to do a hard job because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.” – Bill Gates

Former Microsoft CEO once said that hiring a lazy person for a hard job is beneficial. Although here we are not commenting on anyone’s professional laziness, when it comes to personal lives, most people are actually lazy. This is one of the reasons why the most of us have so many belongings in our house as we keep on accumulating the new ones while finding it extremely annoying to take care of the already existing belongings.

Work pressures and mounting deadlines leave no space for taking care of our homes. Result, we have overflowing attics and almost abundant cellars. NY storage is the best option for people who are finding it hard to keep their belongings in their homes.

Often people think that self storage options are useful only for people who are moving. However, self storage is an outstanding alternative for anyone who is facing a space crunch. Whether it is your home, office or commercial space, self storage units give you the option of keeping your belongings safe and secure. So find the best storage facility for your belongings today.

8 Important Observations to Make when Renting a Self Storage Unit

You have done your research and shortlisted a few NY storage units to keep your belongings. Even though the storage facilities claim to offer the best storage options, you need to be careful as you are storing your precious belongings there. A tour of the storage facility will help you decide whether you should commit your belongings there or not. Here are a few observations that you need to make when inspecting a self storage unit –

  • Check out the building and see if it is properly fenced to keep the intruders away.
  • Check the lawns for any overgrowth or unkempt.
  • Observe who have access to the facility and the basic procedure of entering through the main gate.
  • See if the storage facility is properly lit and there are no dim or unlit patches.
  • When touring the facility, check the basic levels of cleanliness in the floors, passages and elevators.
  • It is always recommended to tour the neighborhood to see what type of houses and buildings are there. This will give you a fair idea about selecting the storage facility.
  • Also observe the guards and if they frequently leave their post to roam here and there.
  • Check the surveillance cameras and other security devices if they actually work or not.

The safety of your belongings is the first concern before committing your belongings to a storage facility. Remember these points and ensure the safety of your belongings.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

How To Save on Moving Expenses [Infographic]

This infographic titled ‘How To Save on Moving Expenses’ has been created with the big idea of imparting knowledge about dealing with one of the major effects of moving – managing the moving expenses. Moving is one of the most stressful events in a person’s life and being able to save on the expenses can definitely reduce the stress.

The infographic gives an effective plan to minimize the financial impact of moving by:
  • Showing the statistics about moving expenses which give a fair idea about the costs involved
  • A step by step approach to saving on various events of moving – packing, movers, labor, damages and on the road.
  • New ways to save on miscellaneous expenses and generate cash