Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Items that should not be Stored at a Self Storage Facility

When you have decided to keep your belonging at a self storage unit, you need to ensure that you do not store something that may put the safety of the facility at jeopardy. Here are some belongings that you should not keep at a self storage facility –

Perishable items – Items that can decay with time should not be stored in a storage unit. These include food products, meats, farm products and pet food.

Inflammable substances and toxins – Items that can easily catch fire should not be stored at a storage facility. These include gasoline, motor oil, propane, kerosene, spray paints, and other such chemicals. In addition, fireworks and ammunition are some other things that you should not store at a New York storage facility.

Plants – Although it may sound as a feasible idea to store plants at a climate controlled storage facility, plants are not allowed inside the storage facility for obvious reasons.

Storage facilities are the best option when you need extra space at home, while ensuring that your belongings remain safe. Find the best storage facility and make your home better organized. http://www.moishes.com/self-storage.html

How Schools can Benefit from Self Storage Units

Self storage facilities are not only beneficial for individuals and businesses but they can also be used by schools for efficient administration. Schools always need a storage space as there are books and other important documents that need to be stored in a safe and secure manner. This is where self storage units come into the picture.

Even though eBooks and online learning have somehow reduced the space utilization for books, schools require space to accommodate more children and technology. School cupboards are full of important teaching material based on the old curriculum that can not be thrown away. The issue that most schools face is the space crunch as they do not find space to store current test papers, journals and other study material. Moreover, technology such as projectors, monitors and printers that are no longer used can not be just discarded and therefore it calls for additional storage space.

Since school archives can not be left unattended, it is therefore wise to store them at a storage facility. Manhattan storage facilities are heavily guarded and 24 hours under security surveillance ensuring that your belongings remain safe from both internal and external threats. The best part about storage facilities is that you can access them anytime that you like. So do not wait more and find the best storage facility for your school.

How Self Storage Units can Help You when You are Expecting?

All through our lives we keep on accumulating things that find a place in our hearts. Even though such belongings lose their value and are replaced by other substitutes, it becomes hard to part them away. It is when you are expecting a baby, you realize the space crunch at your home and the additional space that you will require when the baby arrives.

There are various things that we have but may not require immediate use. These include seasonal clothes, sports equipment, among others. You can not throw such belongings and keeping them at home takes a lot of precious space. Self storage units are the best option in such a situation when you are not sure of what to do with certain belongings.

Self storage units allow people to store their belongings and create extra living space in their homes. These units are heavily guarded and round the clock under surveillance to ensure that your belongings remain safe. In addition, most NYC storage facilities are climate controlled that offer protection to belongings that are climate sensitive. So what are you waiting for? Find the best storage facility and create space to welcome the new member of your family.

Ensuring the Safety of Your Belongings in a Self Storage Facility

Storing your belongings at a self storage facility is a good decision as it allows you to have more space at your home. However, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind before booking a storage space and keeping your belongings there –

  • Always ensure that the equipment, machinery or appliances that you are storing are thoroughly cleaned as unclean appliances will result in the growth of mold and other harmful bacteria and insects.
  • Make sure that the boxes are labeled so that you do not have to search the whole lot when you have to take something out.
  • If you are using cardboard boxes for storing your belongings, make sure that their bottom is secured with a good tape.
  • Ensure that the containers and boxes are clean and free of any type of debris to avoid insect growth.
  • Wrap delicate and precious items in bubble wrap to ensure that they do not get damaged either during the transit or through friction at the New York self storage facility.

Keep these tips in mind and ensure the safety of your belongings.

Cleaning out Your Closet

Closet cleaning is one of the most demanding and tiresome activities. Often it happens that we acquire belongings and they are permanently buried in the closets. Ironically, the most common thing that is found in the closets is the clothes, which don’t fit anymore, or the linen and sheets that have been disregarded. Apart from these, closets also contain empty electronics boxes and packing paper that take a lot of useful space. It therefore becomes essential to clean the closets to make room for other belongings and make your house more organized.

In order to clean your closets, first devise a plan about what to keep and what not to keep. Start with one room at a time as this will give you a fair idea of what needs to be done. Take away anything that you do not use anymore or which is damaged beyond repair. Start with the empty boxes as it will clear a lot of space.

If you are unsure of what to throw away but need to de-clutter your closets, it is wise to keep such belongings at a storage facility. Manhattan storage facilities not only help you have more space in your house, they also ensure that your belongings remain safe and secure. So what are you waiting for? Find a good storage facility and organize your home.

How to Store Winter Clothes?

Finally the snow has started to melt, making way for beach excursions and pool parties. If you are thinking of how to store your winter clothes, here are some important tips –

  • It is necessary to wash the clothes before storing them as dirt, dust and stains can set up on the clothes, permanently damaging them. Moreover, clean clothes will be free from any moths and prevent moth growth as well.

  • Although moth balls are effective in keeping the moth away, you are advised to use them properly to avoid any excess smell in the clothes.

  • Make sure that the containers or plastic bags that you select for storing the clothes are free from any insects or stains.

  • Do not store the clothes in a hanging position as this can damage the shape of the garments.

  • Ensure that the clothes are neatly folded and are not suffocated with extra weight.

In order to ensure that your winter clothes remain as good as always, it is recommended to store them at a storage facilities available in NY city. Storage units offer perfect storage solutions for your belongings, ensuring that they remain perfect for the next winters. Find a good storage facility and give a new life to your winter clothes.