Tuesday, June 25, 2013

How to Store Winter Clothes?

Finally the snow has started to melt, making way for beach excursions and pool parties. If you are thinking of how to store your winter clothes, here are some important tips –

  • It is necessary to wash the clothes before storing them as dirt, dust and stains can set up on the clothes, permanently damaging them. Moreover, clean clothes will be free from any moths and prevent moth growth as well.

  • Although moth balls are effective in keeping the moth away, you are advised to use them properly to avoid any excess smell in the clothes.

  • Make sure that the containers or plastic bags that you select for storing the clothes are free from any insects or stains.

  • Do not store the clothes in a hanging position as this can damage the shape of the garments.

  • Ensure that the clothes are neatly folded and are not suffocated with extra weight.

In order to ensure that your winter clothes remain as good as always, it is recommended to store them at a storage facilities available in NY city. Storage units offer perfect storage solutions for your belongings, ensuring that they remain perfect for the next winters. Find a good storage facility and give a new life to your winter clothes.


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