Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Red Flags of Moving Scammers

Indubitably, moving can be a highly complicated and mind-boggling task but that doesn’t mean that you’ve to be stressed out with this task. With a little research and advance planning you can avoid any moving scams and eradicate much of the stress associated with your moving experience.
Keep an eye on the red flags while finalizing the right movers for the moving day. After all, you don’t want to be annoyed over your bad moving experience, while in actually you want to enjoy your fun experience in your new home and new office in your dream city, New York!
If your moving company is hungry to get the deposit money upfront, it’s a big no-no sign for you to get rid of the company. There are fat chances that this is an illegitimate company to start with, as most of the reputable companies don’t ask for any advance deposit before you finally have been moved.
Also, make sure to take a note of their professional behavior such as their punctuality, that is, if they’re on time or late for the estimate or are able to answer all your queries efficiently. One more thing to note down, is to be watchful for the moving companies who don’t have their own moving vehicles and are using the trucks on rent. Mostly, a renowned and reliable mobbing company will have its own moving truck.
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Know Which Moving Company Not to Hire

Did you know that approx. 3000 Americans are a victim of spurious moving companies every year? Looking at these threatening figures, choosing the right movers in New York can be an overwhelming job. However, with the knowledge of these helpful tips and some research, you can easily get a stress-free moving experience.
Here, we’ll talk about the most important don’ts to help you in choosing the right movers, so you can save your energy to fret over other details rather than the moving ordeal.
  • Don’t Forget to Follow the Rule of Threes: After your initial research, you should shortlist at least 3 potential movers to negotiate and choose the best deal for your moving job.
  • Don’t settle for the Moving Cost Estimate Over the Phone or Internet: Ask your potential moving companies’ rep to physically visit your home to get the correct estimated price.
  • Don’t Go for the Cheapest Mover: As you’ve at least 3 companies to match the deal, if one of the companies is offering you much lower price, it’s a big red flag that the company could be a scam. It’s a common practice by the rogue movers to lure the customers with low cost deals and keep adding on exorbitant amount of money later on once the deal is finalized.
  • Don’t have Fewer Questions to Ask: Prepare a list of as-many-as questions to be asked which should include the company’s registration number, insurance services, any additional costs for moving things up and down stairs and other important details.
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A Short Guide to Hire the Right Moving Company

There is no denying the fact that, many of us consider moving to be one of the most stressful and least fun events of our life. The whole process of moving all your stuff from one city to another can apparently lead to its the-least-fun demeanor. Once you’ve decided about every aspect in the new city including where to work, your kids’ new schools, your new locality, the next big task is to figure out a trustworthy moving company to do the most tedious job.
Before you start, it’s important to know that reputable moving companies always go for an in-house estimate and if your company is keen on giving an estimate over the phone without a physical survey, it’s a big red flag to avoid that company. During the estimate, don’t forget to include each and every thing which you wish to be moved including the long forgotten items in your basement, attic or in storage and ask as many as questions from the moving company’s rep to assure your confidence in them.
Believe us; your greatest nightmare can be getting hooked up with a forged and unlicensed company. Hence, we always recommended confirming your movers’ US DOT number and also checking their licensed documents to avoid any problem in future.
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