Sunday, June 22, 2014

Use Moving and Storage Facilities to make your House Move Convenient

Whether we talk of getting your favorite piece of furniture out of the doorway (without any scratches!) or ensuring the safety of expensive items like chandeliers and art pieces, there are many things that have to be taken care of during the process of house moving. Handling everything on your own may prove to be a difficult task. The services offered by professional moving companies can make it easier for you to relocate in a hassle-free way.

The wide range of services offered is one of the key factors that make moving companies the preferred choice of people planning to shift their home or office to another location. Right from trained employees to efficient trucks, these companies are equipped with the best resources. With their experience and expertise, these companies ensure that all your belongings reach their new destination without any damages.

Storage facilities offered by these companies can be really helpful. The storage units are available for short as well as long term use. Moreover, you can store all types of stuff at self storage units. Some of the leading companies also offer mobile storage facilities. You don’t need to take your belongings anywhere. Instead, the mobile storage units are delivered to your home. Once the container is packed, the company will take it away.

You can easily avail all these facilities in all parts of the US at an affordable price.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Moving and Storage Companies: Making House Move Easier for you!

From packing your belongings to arranging it in your new home, there are many activities that have to be undertaken while moving home. The whole process of moving can be tiring as well as time-consuming. Handling everything on your own may prove to be quite difficult for you. For this reason, it is advisable to avail the services of a professional moving company.

The moving services offered by professional companies can prove to be of great help while moving home. Be it packing your household stuff or loading it on the trucks, these companies handle all the tasks related to moving home effectively. By packing everything properly and handling heavy lifting carefully, these companies ensure that no breakages occur during transportation.

Many of the leading moving companies also provide storage services to people. While moving home, many people need some space where they can store their belongings temporarily. The moving companies offer storage space that can be used to store all kinds of stuff.

These storage facilities can also be used for long term storage needs of people. Some of the leading companies also offer customized storing units to meet specific requirements of people. So, if you’re planning to move home, you can easily avail the services offered by a moving company.

Types of Self Storage Units

Self storage units have evolved over a period of time, with a standard size fitting all as an old concept. These days, self storage units are made in a plethora of choices to suit the storage needs of different people. However, in general storage units can be categorized into two broad categories: indoor storage and shed-type storage units.

Indoor storage units are basically a room and are enclosed. On the other hand, shed-type storage units are meant for large-scale storage items.

Due to the growing need of variety of storage units, these two types of storage facilities have become more specialized into further categories.

  1. Climate controlled storage unit: These storage units are meant for storing items which are sensitive to weather conditions such as furniture and electronic equipments.
  1. Non-Climate controlled self storage unit: These types of storage units are used for items that are tough in nature and are not harmed by external weather conditions.
  1. RV self storage unit: These self storage units are used for storing automobiles and recreational vehicles which are not expected

So, if you are planningto hire a self-storage unit, make sure you check out all the options before you pay out the rent.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Storing Electronic Equipment in Storage Facilities

Storage facilities are widely used to store items that are not being used for a period of time. If you have electronic items that you are not planning to use for sometime, then keeping them in a storage facility is a viable option.

While storing electronic equipment in a storage facility, it is advisable to remove their batteries. These batteries are alkaline batteries and run the risk of acid being leaked from them. To enhance the life of these batteries as they are non-rechargeable, remove them from the device so that they have a longer life.

Also, opposite to the popular belief, do not use bubble wraps to drape them. Bubble wraps generate static electricity and stand a chance to damage the components. It is advisable that electronic equipment are wrapped with a towel cloth or foam peanuts.

When renting a storage facility, hire a climate controlled unit as it maintains the ideal temperature suited for storing electronic equipments. Extreme weather conditions such as moisture and dryness will not affect the temperature of the unit.

Hence, if you are looking for storage facilities for keeping your electronic items, make sure that you follow these tips so that you have the life of electronic equipments do not get shorter by not maintaining them properly.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Need of self-storage while moving

Moving can be a hectic exercise, with packing up all the household items and moving to another place. It becomes even more difficult if one has not got the possession of the new place, however the deadline of the old rental has expired. In such scenarios, hiring a storage unit and keeping one’s belonging is a viable option.

Hiring a portable moving storage facility in New York City is a good option, proving to be beneficial in such scenarios. Unlike traditional self-storage facility, in mobile moving facility, the storage unit gets delivered at your doorstep. This way you save time of going to the self-storage unit and then placing your items there.

The storage companies in New York City provide the facility of dropping the potable storage unit at your place and picking it up as well. You can get your potable storage unit delivered anywhere you desire or can be kept at the storage unit till you want to move it.

So, if you are relocating to the next street or to a different time zone, hiring a portable self storage unit can prove to be advantageous in keeping away your storage worries. With portable storage units, you can move-in to your next house and then get your storage unit at your place.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Storing Your Clothes in a Self-Storage Facility

Self-Storage units offer a good solution for people who find it difficult to store items in their house. People store various items in self-storage units with clothing as one of the most stored items. People have seasonal clothes, clothes that they cannot fit into, toddlers’ clothes and specialty clothes that they find hard to find space for in their homes.

People store clothes if their weight keeps changing and they would not like to invest in it again and again. In these scenarios, it is better to invest in self-storage units rather than throwing them away.

If your kids have grown or you are planning to have more kids, then storing toddlers’ clothes makes sense. You will need them again in few years or someone you know might need them if they are having kids. Designer clothes are also another popular item that is stored in storage units. Even celebrities like Aretha Franklin store their clothes in storage unit that they do not need for sometime.

When you are storing clothes in a self-storage unit, make sure that they are clean and kept in cedar blocks so that there is no damage caused to the clothes while in storage unit. Hence, store your clothes in New York Storage facility and make more space in your home.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Boat Self-Storage Tips

A boat is an expensive item which needs to be taken care properly while it is not in use, especially during the winter season. Storing a boat is not possible in their garage for most home owners. In such scenarios self-storage facilities can be of great help to put your boat safely. If the summer season is over and you are planning to store your boat in a self-storage facility, follow these tips to store your boat properly.

  1. Change the oil and filter from the engine and clean it properly. Engine is the most expensive part of your boat, so make sure that you take proper care of it.
  1. Drain the engine cooling system and refill it with anti-freeze and water solution, so that there is no damage to the boat during the winter season.
  1. Remove the batteries from the terminals and spray it with anti-corrosion liquid. Keep charging the batteries every now and then to keep it in a good state.
  1. Take out life jackets, seat covers and other such parts that might damage due to heat and humidity.
  1. Empty the boat tank and treat it with deodorizing solution to make it completely dry.

So, store your boat in a self-storage facility with these tips so that it lasts in a good condition.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Mobile Storage for Home Owners

Relocating to a different place is a tedious task for homeowners as there are numerous items that need to be looked after. However, hiring a portable self storage unit can prove to be extremely helpful in these scenarios. So, you do not need to rush back and forth from your storage facility anymore, as your storage facility will get delivered at your door step.

The biggest advantage of hiring a mobile storage facility while you are relocating is the convenience. It gets dropped at your place and is kept there for as long as you need it for packing your items. So, there is no rush to pack and keep items in a stipulated time unlike a self-storage unit. When you are done packing, you can choose to get it delivered at your new home or to be kept at the storage facility. The hassle of hiring a truck and moving your stuff to the storage facility is taken away from you, so that you can concentrate on more important tasks. You also save the extra effort that you have to put in to first move them into a truck and then the storage facility.

So, hire a portable storage facility in New York City so that you are relaxed while you are moving to another place.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Keep your dorm room organized

College is remembered as the best part of one’s life with great friends with whom you spend amazing time. Sitting in your dorm rooms late at night, eating munchies and discussing the recently released movies are some of the best moments of your life. However, with freedom comes responsibility as well. There will be no one now to tell you to tidy up your dorm room. You will have to take that responsibility and do it yourself.

Organizing one’s dorm room is a task with the limited space available to keep your stuff. Hence, you need to make sure that you maintain it in such a way that there is nothing lying around in the limited space. Keep seasonal clothing in trunks as you would not need them for sometime. The trunk top will also serve as a table that can be used for various purposes. Also, keep boxes to organize the stuff as this will help you in keeping the area organized. Keep a box for your make-up, stationary and other such items as this makes for easy maintenance without much hassle in keeping the room tidy.

However, if your dorm room is extra small that it is not possible to store everything, look for storage in New York City to help you with your dorm blues.