Saturday, June 21, 2014

Types of Self Storage Units

Self storage units have evolved over a period of time, with a standard size fitting all as an old concept. These days, self storage units are made in a plethora of choices to suit the storage needs of different people. However, in general storage units can be categorized into two broad categories: indoor storage and shed-type storage units.

Indoor storage units are basically a room and are enclosed. On the other hand, shed-type storage units are meant for large-scale storage items.

Due to the growing need of variety of storage units, these two types of storage facilities have become more specialized into further categories.

  1. Climate controlled storage unit: These storage units are meant for storing items which are sensitive to weather conditions such as furniture and electronic equipments.
  1. Non-Climate controlled self storage unit: These types of storage units are used for items that are tough in nature and are not harmed by external weather conditions.
  1. RV self storage unit: These self storage units are used for storing automobiles and recreational vehicles which are not expected

So, if you are planningto hire a self-storage unit, make sure you check out all the options before you pay out the rent.


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