Thursday, June 12, 2014

Boat Self-Storage Tips

A boat is an expensive item which needs to be taken care properly while it is not in use, especially during the winter season. Storing a boat is not possible in their garage for most home owners. In such scenarios self-storage facilities can be of great help to put your boat safely. If the summer season is over and you are planning to store your boat in a self-storage facility, follow these tips to store your boat properly.

  1. Change the oil and filter from the engine and clean it properly. Engine is the most expensive part of your boat, so make sure that you take proper care of it.
  1. Drain the engine cooling system and refill it with anti-freeze and water solution, so that there is no damage to the boat during the winter season.
  1. Remove the batteries from the terminals and spray it with anti-corrosion liquid. Keep charging the batteries every now and then to keep it in a good state.
  1. Take out life jackets, seat covers and other such parts that might damage due to heat and humidity.
  1. Empty the boat tank and treat it with deodorizing solution to make it completely dry.

So, store your boat in a self-storage facility with these tips so that it lasts in a good condition.


  1. Thanks for the tips. I wouldn't have thought to take the life jackets and rafts out of the boat, but I might try hanging them from the walls. That should keep them aired out and dry. And maybe that will help with the smell, too. Boats always smell kind of stuffy when they come out of storage.

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