Friday, June 13, 2014

Storing Your Clothes in a Self-Storage Facility

Self-Storage units offer a good solution for people who find it difficult to store items in their house. People store various items in self-storage units with clothing as one of the most stored items. People have seasonal clothes, clothes that they cannot fit into, toddlers’ clothes and specialty clothes that they find hard to find space for in their homes.

People store clothes if their weight keeps changing and they would not like to invest in it again and again. In these scenarios, it is better to invest in self-storage units rather than throwing them away.

If your kids have grown or you are planning to have more kids, then storing toddlers’ clothes makes sense. You will need them again in few years or someone you know might need them if they are having kids. Designer clothes are also another popular item that is stored in storage units. Even celebrities like Aretha Franklin store their clothes in storage unit that they do not need for sometime.

When you are storing clothes in a self-storage unit, make sure that they are clean and kept in cedar blocks so that there is no damage caused to the clothes while in storage unit. Hence, store your clothes in New York Storage facility and make more space in your home.


  1. I've been thinking about storing some of my old cloths in a self storage unit. That way I can make some space in my home. Right now there are things all over the place and in the halls. I think a storage unit is just the thing I need to make some room to live in.

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