Friday, June 20, 2014

Storing Electronic Equipment in Storage Facilities

Storage facilities are widely used to store items that are not being used for a period of time. If you have electronic items that you are not planning to use for sometime, then keeping them in a storage facility is a viable option.

While storing electronic equipment in a storage facility, it is advisable to remove their batteries. These batteries are alkaline batteries and run the risk of acid being leaked from them. To enhance the life of these batteries as they are non-rechargeable, remove them from the device so that they have a longer life.

Also, opposite to the popular belief, do not use bubble wraps to drape them. Bubble wraps generate static electricity and stand a chance to damage the components. It is advisable that electronic equipment are wrapped with a towel cloth or foam peanuts.

When renting a storage facility, hire a climate controlled unit as it maintains the ideal temperature suited for storing electronic equipments. Extreme weather conditions such as moisture and dryness will not affect the temperature of the unit.

Hence, if you are looking for storage facilities for keeping your electronic items, make sure that you follow these tips so that you have the life of electronic equipments do not get shorter by not maintaining them properly.


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