Monday, September 1, 2014

How to store valuable and expensive items in storage units?

If you’re planning to store valuable items like antiques at a storage facility, there are certain things that you should keep in mind. It is important to be extra cautious to ensure the safety of your valuable items. Choosing the right storage facility is important. Here are some of the tips that may prove to be useful when it comes to storing valuable items in self storage units- 

Choose a storage facility with excellent security features. Fencing, CCTV camera and other state-of-the-art security equipment can help prevent theft and burglary. 

You should consider renting a climate controlled storage units. These units offer complete protection from weather conditions, dust, pests and other harmful elements. 

Make sure that your valuable items are properly packed. Superior-quality packing material such as bubble wrap can be used to store all types of art works. There are boxes that are specially made to store art pieces. 

Another important thing that you should remember is not to stack items on top of one another. This can cause damage to your expensive items. 

Keeping the above tips in mind will make it easier for you to ensure the safety of antiques, paintings and other valuable items.

Thursday, August 28, 2014


This inforgraphic titled “KEEP YOUR FINE ARTS IN FINE” by Moishe's has been created with the big idea of guiding people about proper method of storing their art works. This infographic will be useful for the art collectors and artists to carefully store specific art works and keep them in their best form.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Moving with Mobile Storage

The inforgraphic titled “Moving with Mobile Storage” has been created  by Moishes self storage with the idea of guiding people about mobile storage, its benefits and easy tips for using mobile storage. This infographic will be useful for them to understand about the mobile storage process and pack & store their belongings properly.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Storage facilities for college students

Thousands of college students across the US face the predicament of moving their belongings to their homes every year. Hiring a vehicle to move your belongings to home only to bring them back to the dorm a few weeks later can be very troublesome for students. In recent years, the emergence of storage facilities has made things easier for students. 

Even though many colleges offer storage facilities on the campus, they are often inadequate. As the space available is limited, most colleges find it difficult to meet the storage requirements of the students. This is where the services offered by professional moving companies are proving to be very useful. 

Offering the best services to the students, commercial storage facilities ensure complete safety of your belongings. If you’re a college student planning to store your household items at a storage facility, here are a few things you should remember- 

You can consider renting climate-controlled storage unit for books, electronics and furniture. 

A 5’x5’ unit can easily accommodate a desk, chair, twin bed and bookcase. For extra items you may have to upgrade to a 5’x10‘ unit. 

If you’re short on budget, you can choose not to avail extra services offered by storage facilities such as round-the-clock access. 

Availing the storage services will ensure the safety of your belongings and help you avoid the hassles of moving your belongings to your home every year. 

When do businesses need self-storage facilities?

As the business expands, more space is needed to ensure smooth operations. Whether we talk of hiring more employees or installing new equipment, the companies require extra space to function smoothly. Most companies have no choice but to relocate to a bigger office. Moving office is an exciting as well as a challenging task. The best way to make an office move easier is to avail the services of a professional moving company. The moving companies not just make the move easier but also offer storage facilities that may prove to be very useful for businesses. 

Self storage facilities prove to be very useful for the companies that have to keep a lot of files and documents. These facilities can be used to store all the paperwork. This will go a long way when it comes to making your office clutter-free and tidy. 

These facilities can also be used to store extra inventory. Due to a lack of space retail stores, restaurants and other businesses often find it difficult to manage their extra inventory. Inventory before sales and seasonal inventory can easily be stored at self storage facilities. 

Old furniture, equipment and fixtures can be stored in self storage units during the off season.

Self storage facilities prove to be very useful for the companies planning an office move. These facilities can be used to store office items temporarily or for a long duration. 

Self storage facilities make it easier for companies to expand their business without having to rent expensive retail or office space. Moreover, they also help a business save money. Unlike expensive retail or office space, storage units can be rented for a small monthly fee. There is a wide range of unit sizes available and a business can choose the one that meets its needs and requirements. Also, the businesses can have round-the-clock access to their office items. 

Most importantly, the storage facilities ensure complete protection of your office items. Equipped with modern and advanced security features, these storage facilities ensure that your office items remain safe and undamaged. Fire alarm and CCTV cameras are used to ensure complete protection of business items.

With all these benefits, the growing popularity of business storage units comes as no surprise. In recent years, many storage facilities have emerged that promise to meet all types of storage needs and requirements of businesses. 

Saturday, August 23, 2014

9 facts about the New York City

The inforgraphic titled “9 facts about the New York City” by Moishes self storage has been created for guiding people about important things to know about the New York City. It will be useful for them to understand the city when they move to NYC.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Your Next Move

There are so many cities which are prime destinations for people. Every year lot of people are moving from cities to cities. This infographic gives an idea about the data regarding the top metros and where renters are moving.

Source: ApartmentGuide

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Mobile storage Units: Making storage convenient for people

Storing household items in self storage units is an excellent way to free up some space in homes. However, many of us find it inconvenient to pack and move our household items to self storage units. This is particularly true in case of heavy items like furniture. Carrying everything to the storage unit is not just time-consuming but also hectic and tiring. In fact, this is one of the major reasons why some people avoid storing their belongings at storage facilities. 

To make things more convenient for their clients, moving and storage companies have come up with an ideal solution in the form of mobile storage facilities. Mobile units are those storage units that are delivered to your doorstep. Thus, you don’t have to transport your belongings to a far away location. When packing is complete, you can load your stuff on the storage unit. The unit will stay on-site as long as your want. 

Once the loading is complete, the moving company will move the unit to the storage facility. This way, you’ll be saved from all the hassles and inconveniences of physically moving your household items. There are many reputed New York storage companies that offer mobile storage facilities to the customers. So, if you find it too inconvenient to carry your stuff to storage facilities, availing the mobile storage unit facilities is the best option for you!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Making an Office Move? - Some Useful Tips

Planning an office move is not the same as planning a residential move. As a business owner, you’ll face a unique set of challenges while relocating your office. You’ll not just have to ensure a smooth transportation of all office items but will also have to ensure that no major disruption is caused to the normal flow of work in office. And this makes the task doubly difficult.

Here are some of the tips that may prove to be helpful when it comes to making an office move in a smooth and hassle-free way- 

Planning everything in advance will save you from a lot of troubles. From finalizing the date of moving to sharing the layout plan of the new office, advance planning is important to prepare your employees for the move. 

Assigning responsibilities to employees will ensure a hassle-free office move. You can also appoint a project coordinator to keep everything on track. 

Using the right packing material and packing everything carefully is important to ensure safety of all the items. Special care should be taken while packing computers and other electronic items to prevent any damage. 

Availing the moving services offered by professional companies will make your office move easier. Find the best office mover and make your move hassle free.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Why you need Storage Facilities when Moving Home

Moving house is the time when you realize just how much stuff you own! Packing everything and moving to a new location can become a big challenge.
It’s also quite common that people sell their homes but the moving dates don’t quite match up. Also, you may have some stuff in your home that you don’t use regularly. 

So, what do all these situations have in common? Each of these situations highlights the need for storage solutions. 

When it comes to moving home, many people need to store their belongings at a safe location temporarily. This can make it easier for them to manage their move and make the entire process of moving smooth and hassle-free. To meet the storage requirements of people, many professional companies have emerged in the recent years that offer storage solutions in New York. 

From easy accessibility to round-the-clock security, New York City storage companies offer the best moving and storage solution to home and offer owners. Many of the major companies also offer climate-controlled storage facilities to ensure safety of all your belongings. 

So, if you’re planning a house move and are confused what to do with all the extra stuff you own, you can easily avail the services of professional storage companies. 

Dealing with the emotional effects of moving

Whether you’re moving home for the first time or you’ve moved before, it is never going to be easy! The whole task of packing all your stuff and transporting it safely to your new home can literally bring your life to a halt. The moving experience can leave you physically and mentally exhausted. 

Moreover, you also need to deal with the emotional consequences of moving homes. Moving home is no easy task and you need to deal with the things in a well-planned and systematic way. Here’s how you can do it-

Accept the fact that the process of moving will cause some discomfort as well as inconvenience to you. It’s only when you accept it that you’ll be able to deal with it. 

Try to maintain your lifestyle. It’s important not to give up your lifestyle. Be it morning walk or shopping, continue to do the things you love once you’ve shifted to your new home. 

Hire someone to do the job. Moving house is already stressful and you need not make things difficult for you by doing everything on your own. There are many New York City storage and moving companies that offer the best services at affordable prices

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Moving House with Small Children

Moving house is a difficult time for the entire family. It can bring major changes in the lives of your family members. However, it’s also a fact that adults are able to cope with the changes in a better way. But it’s not the same with children. While some children are able to deal with the changes easily, others may find these changes traumatic and unsettling. 

Some of the negative reactions that children may have while moving house include becoming shy, changes in sleep patterns, stomach ache, refusing to eat and a general feeling of uneasiness and discomfort. However, with the right approach, these symptoms can be avoided and the process of house move can be made easier for children. 

It is essential to give special time and attention to the children so that they are able to deal with the changes conveniently. It’s important to talk to them and reassure them about the changes that will occur in the coming days. A reassuring talk can instill a sense of security and comfort that will go a long way when it comes to alleviating fear from the minds of children. 

Availing the services of professional moving companies will also help in making things easier for children. There are many companies that specialize in household moving in New York. So, if you’re moving house with small children, it’s best to find a professional moving company. 

2 Mistakes you should avoid while moving house

Moving house may prove to be a nerve-racking experience for a family. It can cause a lot of stress and worry. And in the absence of proper planning and guidance, the whole experience may become all the more stressful.

Here are two of the common mistakes that you should avoid while moving home-

Handling everything on your own
Well, you certainly have the choice to manage everything on your own. But some help from the experts will make your task a whole lot easier. Even if you are moving just across the road, moving home can be very challenging. Whether we talk of packing your expensive household items or arranging for the vehicles, there are many factors that you need to take into consideration. Professional moving companies can handle everything better. If you’re in New York, you can avail the services of New York moving companies.

Improper Packing
Packing your belongings, particularly the expensive items, properly is of great importance. Unfortunately, in the absence of proper guidance and knowledge, many people pack their stuff wrongly. This can lead to breakages and damages. If you’re unsure about how to pack your stuff correctly, it’s best to avail the services of a professional moving company. Arriving at your new home with damaged belonging is the last thing you want!

Avoiding the above mistakes will make it easier for you to shift to a new house in a hassle-free way.

Use Storage Facilities to make your Office Clutter-free!

A cluttered office not just makes a bad impression on the clients but also affects the productivity of the employees. A clutter-free office on the other hand, can greatly enhance the productivity and increase satisfaction level of employees. Excess files and paperwork is one of the main reasons why offices look cluttered. Storing files and documents in a storage unit can go a long way when it comes to making your office look tidy and clean.

Here are some of the benefits of storing business files and documents in a storage facility-

More free space in office is the biggest advantage of storing business files in storage units. Business files and documents take up a lot of space and storing them in a storage unit will make office look spacious. 

It will also ensure safety of your documents. As a business owner, you can choose climate controlled storage units and ensure complete protection from extreme weather and elements like dust, humidity etc. 

All types of sensitive documents can easily be stored at these units. Company’s sensitive data including medical records and photographs can be stored in these units.  

If you want to make your office look clean and clutter-free, you can avail the services of a professional moving and storage company

Why do you need climate-controlled storage units?

Whether to store your belongings in a non-climate controlled or climate controlled storage space is one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make. While many household items can be stored in ordinary storage units, there are some expensive and fragile items that should be stored in climate-controlled units. 

Here are some of the benefits of climate controlled storage units-

The biggest advantage of storing your items in climate controlled units is complete protection from extreme weather. Whether its cold or hot outside, your belongings will remain safe inside the units. 

These units are located in the innermost part of the building and have insulated roof, walls and floor. This ensures complete protection from dirt, rain etc. Your belongings also remain safe from rodents and insects. 

Humidity control is another important feature that makes climate-controlled facilities superior to other storage facilities. Too much humidity can cause serious damage to many of your household items. By keeping humidity in check, these facilities offer complete protection to expensive electronic and other items. 

Art works, electronic items and antiques, and musical instruments are some of the items that should be stored in these units. So, if you want to store these items safely, it’s best to choose the climate controlled storage facilities

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Use Moving and Storage Facilities to make your House Move Convenient

Whether we talk of getting your favorite piece of furniture out of the doorway (without any scratches!) or ensuring the safety of expensive items like chandeliers and art pieces, there are many things that have to be taken care of during the process of house moving. Handling everything on your own may prove to be a difficult task. The services offered by professional moving companies can make it easier for you to relocate in a hassle-free way.

The wide range of services offered is one of the key factors that make moving companies the preferred choice of people planning to shift their home or office to another location. Right from trained employees to efficient trucks, these companies are equipped with the best resources. With their experience and expertise, these companies ensure that all your belongings reach their new destination without any damages.

Storage facilities offered by these companies can be really helpful. The storage units are available for short as well as long term use. Moreover, you can store all types of stuff at self storage units. Some of the leading companies also offer mobile storage facilities. You don’t need to take your belongings anywhere. Instead, the mobile storage units are delivered to your home. Once the container is packed, the company will take it away.

You can easily avail all these facilities in all parts of the US at an affordable price.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Moving and Storage Companies: Making House Move Easier for you!

From packing your belongings to arranging it in your new home, there are many activities that have to be undertaken while moving home. The whole process of moving can be tiring as well as time-consuming. Handling everything on your own may prove to be quite difficult for you. For this reason, it is advisable to avail the services of a professional moving company.

The moving services offered by professional companies can prove to be of great help while moving home. Be it packing your household stuff or loading it on the trucks, these companies handle all the tasks related to moving home effectively. By packing everything properly and handling heavy lifting carefully, these companies ensure that no breakages occur during transportation.

Many of the leading moving companies also provide storage services to people. While moving home, many people need some space where they can store their belongings temporarily. The moving companies offer storage space that can be used to store all kinds of stuff.

These storage facilities can also be used for long term storage needs of people. Some of the leading companies also offer customized storing units to meet specific requirements of people. So, if you’re planning to move home, you can easily avail the services offered by a moving company.

Types of Self Storage Units

Self storage units have evolved over a period of time, with a standard size fitting all as an old concept. These days, self storage units are made in a plethora of choices to suit the storage needs of different people. However, in general storage units can be categorized into two broad categories: indoor storage and shed-type storage units.

Indoor storage units are basically a room and are enclosed. On the other hand, shed-type storage units are meant for large-scale storage items.

Due to the growing need of variety of storage units, these two types of storage facilities have become more specialized into further categories.

  1. Climate controlled storage unit: These storage units are meant for storing items which are sensitive to weather conditions such as furniture and electronic equipments.
  1. Non-Climate controlled self storage unit: These types of storage units are used for items that are tough in nature and are not harmed by external weather conditions.
  1. RV self storage unit: These self storage units are used for storing automobiles and recreational vehicles which are not expected

So, if you are planningto hire a self-storage unit, make sure you check out all the options before you pay out the rent.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Storing Electronic Equipment in Storage Facilities

Storage facilities are widely used to store items that are not being used for a period of time. If you have electronic items that you are not planning to use for sometime, then keeping them in a storage facility is a viable option.

While storing electronic equipment in a storage facility, it is advisable to remove their batteries. These batteries are alkaline batteries and run the risk of acid being leaked from them. To enhance the life of these batteries as they are non-rechargeable, remove them from the device so that they have a longer life.

Also, opposite to the popular belief, do not use bubble wraps to drape them. Bubble wraps generate static electricity and stand a chance to damage the components. It is advisable that electronic equipment are wrapped with a towel cloth or foam peanuts.

When renting a storage facility, hire a climate controlled unit as it maintains the ideal temperature suited for storing electronic equipments. Extreme weather conditions such as moisture and dryness will not affect the temperature of the unit.

Hence, if you are looking for storage facilities for keeping your electronic items, make sure that you follow these tips so that you have the life of electronic equipments do not get shorter by not maintaining them properly.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Need of self-storage while moving

Moving can be a hectic exercise, with packing up all the household items and moving to another place. It becomes even more difficult if one has not got the possession of the new place, however the deadline of the old rental has expired. In such scenarios, hiring a storage unit and keeping one’s belonging is a viable option.

Hiring a portable moving storage facility in New York City is a good option, proving to be beneficial in such scenarios. Unlike traditional self-storage facility, in mobile moving facility, the storage unit gets delivered at your doorstep. This way you save time of going to the self-storage unit and then placing your items there.

The storage companies in New York City provide the facility of dropping the potable storage unit at your place and picking it up as well. You can get your potable storage unit delivered anywhere you desire or can be kept at the storage unit till you want to move it.

So, if you are relocating to the next street or to a different time zone, hiring a portable self storage unit can prove to be advantageous in keeping away your storage worries. With portable storage units, you can move-in to your next house and then get your storage unit at your place.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Storing Your Clothes in a Self-Storage Facility

Self-Storage units offer a good solution for people who find it difficult to store items in their house. People store various items in self-storage units with clothing as one of the most stored items. People have seasonal clothes, clothes that they cannot fit into, toddlers’ clothes and specialty clothes that they find hard to find space for in their homes.

People store clothes if their weight keeps changing and they would not like to invest in it again and again. In these scenarios, it is better to invest in self-storage units rather than throwing them away.

If your kids have grown or you are planning to have more kids, then storing toddlers’ clothes makes sense. You will need them again in few years or someone you know might need them if they are having kids. Designer clothes are also another popular item that is stored in storage units. Even celebrities like Aretha Franklin store their clothes in storage unit that they do not need for sometime.

When you are storing clothes in a self-storage unit, make sure that they are clean and kept in cedar blocks so that there is no damage caused to the clothes while in storage unit. Hence, store your clothes in New York Storage facility and make more space in your home.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Boat Self-Storage Tips

A boat is an expensive item which needs to be taken care properly while it is not in use, especially during the winter season. Storing a boat is not possible in their garage for most home owners. In such scenarios self-storage facilities can be of great help to put your boat safely. If the summer season is over and you are planning to store your boat in a self-storage facility, follow these tips to store your boat properly.

  1. Change the oil and filter from the engine and clean it properly. Engine is the most expensive part of your boat, so make sure that you take proper care of it.
  1. Drain the engine cooling system and refill it with anti-freeze and water solution, so that there is no damage to the boat during the winter season.
  1. Remove the batteries from the terminals and spray it with anti-corrosion liquid. Keep charging the batteries every now and then to keep it in a good state.
  1. Take out life jackets, seat covers and other such parts that might damage due to heat and humidity.
  1. Empty the boat tank and treat it with deodorizing solution to make it completely dry.

So, store your boat in a self-storage facility with these tips so that it lasts in a good condition.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Mobile Storage for Home Owners

Relocating to a different place is a tedious task for homeowners as there are numerous items that need to be looked after. However, hiring a portable self storage unit can prove to be extremely helpful in these scenarios. So, you do not need to rush back and forth from your storage facility anymore, as your storage facility will get delivered at your door step.

The biggest advantage of hiring a mobile storage facility while you are relocating is the convenience. It gets dropped at your place and is kept there for as long as you need it for packing your items. So, there is no rush to pack and keep items in a stipulated time unlike a self-storage unit. When you are done packing, you can choose to get it delivered at your new home or to be kept at the storage facility. The hassle of hiring a truck and moving your stuff to the storage facility is taken away from you, so that you can concentrate on more important tasks. You also save the extra effort that you have to put in to first move them into a truck and then the storage facility.

So, hire a portable storage facility in New York City so that you are relaxed while you are moving to another place.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Keep your dorm room organized

College is remembered as the best part of one’s life with great friends with whom you spend amazing time. Sitting in your dorm rooms late at night, eating munchies and discussing the recently released movies are some of the best moments of your life. However, with freedom comes responsibility as well. There will be no one now to tell you to tidy up your dorm room. You will have to take that responsibility and do it yourself.

Organizing one’s dorm room is a task with the limited space available to keep your stuff. Hence, you need to make sure that you maintain it in such a way that there is nothing lying around in the limited space. Keep seasonal clothing in trunks as you would not need them for sometime. The trunk top will also serve as a table that can be used for various purposes. Also, keep boxes to organize the stuff as this will help you in keeping the area organized. Keep a box for your make-up, stationary and other such items as this makes for easy maintenance without much hassle in keeping the room tidy.

However, if your dorm room is extra small that it is not possible to store everything, look for storage in New York City to help you with your dorm blues.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Infographic: Age in place at your home sweet home

INFOGRAPHIC: Age in place at your home sweet home

Check out this infographic that clearly highlights the places in your home that could use a helping hand and what specific product would best increase accessibility. For storing extra items of your sweet home in self storage facilities of NYC, contact Moishe's.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Tips for finding the right storage facility

Storage units are being used widely in the United States. There are more than 58,000 storage units in the country covering an area of 2.35 billion square feet. With 30,235 companies operating in the space, it is hard to find a storage unit that will give you your money’s worth. It is important to search for a storage unit that will provide you with the trust that you can leave you personal belongings under their guard.

There are various factors that you should consider while selecting an appropriate storage facility. One of the biggest factors is the security offered by the storage facility. A good storage facility must be protected by security personnel and CCTV cameras at all times to ensure that there are no cases of break-ins or robberies. Also, they should have extra security for storage units, which contain valuable items such as artifacts. Each of these units must have their own unit alarm apart from common storage facility alarm.

Storage units are used on rental basis and can be taken for a weekly or monthly basis. When looking for a New York City self storage facility, keep security as your top priority and ensure the safety of your precious belongings.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Self-Storage interesting facts

Self-storage is an industry that provides storage spaces to individuals and businesses. Storage spaces could range from anything from containers, lockers, to rooms and outdoor spaces. Each one of these storage space is used for different purposes such as open storage is used for car storage. It is estimated that there are 58,000 storage facilities in the United States. The country’s self-storage unit market is growing at a steady rate and is estimated to be worth $6.6 billion..

It is believed that the concept was conceived in ancient China when it was used to store food. In modern times, the first storage unit appeared in 1958 named Lauderdale Storage in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Since then the industry has thrived owning to the increasing demand by consumers. During the period from 2000 to 2005, it is estimated that over 3000 new storage facilities were being built every year. In the United States, 30,235 are in the business of storage facilities for industrial and commercial purposes. The total area covered by storage facilities in the country is estimated to be more than 2.35 billion square feet.

So, if you are looking for New York storage facilities, you can go online and contact reputable companies to rent a storage unit.

7 Reasons To Choose Climate Controlled Storage

This infographic titled “7 Reasons To Choose Climate Controlled Storage” from Moishe's guides people about the benefits of climate controlled storage. This infographic will be useful for them to know how Climate controlled storage units can preserve their prized belongings better than the store-room in their house.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Storing Business Documents in a Storage Unit

Storing business documents in a storage unit is a growing trend. With the rising cost of business spaces, it is more affordable to rent a storage unit rather than buy or rent a bigger business space. Every business is required to store its business record archives for a certain number of years before it can be discarded. Hence, it is recommended that one shifts their business documents into a storage facility to make the most of their limited office space.

Another benefit of hiring a storage space is increased security due to limited access as they are being watched over by CCTV cameras and security personnel round the clock. When storing business documents in a storage unit, pack them in individual boxes and label them. This will help you organize them and retrieve them later when required without much difficulty.

You can select a storage unit as per your requirement as they are available in all sizes. Business document storage units have both the options of being non-climate and climate controlled which are used for storing different types of documents. Hence, if you have business documents which are prone to damage due to factors such as humidity, you can choose climate controlled storage unit for them.

So, hire a storage unit for business documents storage and make the extra space needed in your office.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Keeping Art in a Storage Unit

If you are an art collector for personal or business purposes and have passed the storage limit in your house, then hiring New York City storage is a viable option for you. Art pieces are prized possessions that cannot be stored in a general storage unit. Art pieces are susceptible to getting damaged without proper storage conditions. So, if you plan to hire a storage unit to keep art pieces, look for these features in order to keep your collection safe.

  1. Climate control: Art pieces can get easily damaged in a normal storage unit due to humidity. Therefore, it is imperative that one has a climate controlled storage unit for keeping them safely. A well regulated climate controlled storage unit will make sure that it is preserved for many years in its original state.

  1. Individual alarm units: A reputable storage unit provides individual alarms for art storage units. Since art is an expensive product, it should have many layers of security for safeguarding them. So, if a robber passes through the main alarm system, then another layer of security is added with individual alarms for each unit.

Art is one of those things, which have even more value than their monetary worth. So, store your art pieces in a storage unit to have more space and security for them at reasonable prices.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Wine Storage Units

Wine aficionados love to collect wine and preserve it for years, as it is a fact that older the wine, the better it tastes. Some store for commercial purposes and others keep it to celebrate special occasions. Whatever may be the reason, wine is a great way to celebrate any occasion. However, wine enthusiasts often find themselves with storing them in storage facilities due to space constraint at their place. With the increasing collection, they are unable to take proper care of it at their house or restaurant. Many do not have the option of installing built-in wine racks or a custom wine cellar at their homes. In these scenarios, a wine storage unit can be a viable option.

Wine storage units are specially designed to store wine in a proper condition in the right temperature. These units maintain a room temperature of 55 degrees with 70% humidity levels. One of the features of a good wine storage unit is providing power back up. Also, wine needs a light level for it to age properly and a vibration free structure to make sure that there are no movements in the wine bottle. So, when you are looking for a wine storage facility, make sure that you have the above mentioned facilities. Without these, you run a risk of your wine collection getting rotten and decay within a short span of time.

So, if you like storing and consuming different wine, then hiring a nearby New York storage unit to keep your wine can prove beneficial. It will help you de-clutter your home and make more space without having to give up your wine collection.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

America On The Move

America On The Move - Infographic

Checkout the infographic for the stats on American's moving in different cities of United States.

Monday, April 28, 2014

What to Do Before Moving In?

Checklist of what to do before moving into your new apartment

Moving in New York City for job or education is a good idea. You need to be careful about few things before moving into a new apartment. Just check out the infographic and learn more.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Moving While Raining

This infographic titled ‘Moving While Raining‘ from Moishe's shows how to move during the off season. This infographic will be useful for readers showing various steps for a smart move while raining and how to protect their belongings in rain or snow.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Are You Utilizing Your Storage Space Effectively?

Whether you own a business or it is your house that you manage, there is always a need for additional storage. You might have chosen the best New York storage facility for your belongings. However, are you sure that you are making the most of it? Below are the few important tips that will help you to use your storage space effectively –

  • Packing holds the key to effective storage. Pack your belongings in such a manner that not only utilize the least space, but also make it easier for you to sort through the belongings.
  • While packing, make sure that you do not pack heavy items in front as it will obstruct your reach and you will have a hard time in assembling your belongings.
  • Although keeping your belongings on the floor might seem like a fairly good idea, it is advisable not to do it. Keeping your belongings on the floor would make them more susceptible to getting damaged during the time of leakage or any other unwanted situation.
  • It is also advisable to extend your life insurance cover to protect your belongings when they are at a storage space.
Keep these simple tips in mind and make the most of your storage space.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Guide to Storing Your Belongings in Storage

In order to get rid of the clutter in your home, self storage is the best option for people. Whether you are troubled with lack of space in your home, or want to make the best use of your space in your commercial setting, storage units give you the option of keeping your belongings safe without interfering with your living space. However, with a good New York storage facility, you can keep your belongings completely safe.

Storage facilities have come a long way and now they have become an almost inseparable part of our lives. If you are considering a storage unit for your additional belongings, below are the three things that you need to keep in mind –

  • Get organized – Before you make the important decision of storing your belongings in the nearest storage unit, it is extremely important to sort your belongings. By sorting, you would come to know what belongings you need to store and what you can actually part ways.
  • Think of the future – Technology changes every now and then and this is the reason why we have so many similar objects, furniture and equipment with us. When storing your belongings, look for the belongings, whose better substitute you can find easily in future. If you can easily find a replacement, you can consider selling that item, instead of storing it in a storage unit. Apart from it, think about your future requirements. Would you be requiring this after a year or two? Are you downsizing or planning to start a family? Get the answers for these questions and come to a practical decision.
  • Estimate your storage requirements – Most people make the mistake of choosing the wrong storage size for their belongings. This does more harm than doing any good. When you choose a bigger sized storage unit, you unnecessarily pay rent for the space that you are not even utilizing. On the other hand, if you opt for a smaller storage space, it makes your life worse, as here you have more belongings than the available space. Always go for the right sized unit before making the final decision.
As humans, we have a basic trait of being materialistic. This is the reason why we cling to our belongings. Storage facilities by providing a safe place for belongings have made it easier for us to enjoy our limited space to the fullest. Keep these points in mind and choose the best New York storage for your goods.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

5 Reasons Why People Stay from Self Storage Units

We all have storage needs and space constraints and this is the reason why storage units have become an inseparable part of our day-to-day lives. However, there are various misconceptions, associated with storage units that make people apprehensive about keeping their belongings in a storage facility. Below are the five most important reasons why a lot of people stay away from storage units –

Storage is wastage of money – Most people are of the view that it is better to sell off the belongings than pay rent for them when they are in a New York storage facility. However, these people fail to realize that by selling the belongings, no doubt, you get some cash, but in long term, you have to shell out more money, if you plan to purchase these belongings again. In addition, storage facilities provide the best storage environment for your belongings, which saves on the additional repair costs that you might have to pay otherwise.

You do not need the stuff you store – This is one of the biggest, and the absurdist reasons given by reasons for not using storage facilities. A lot of people are of the view that only those items are stored in a storage facility that they never use. However, this is not true. Storage units are perfect for storing seasonal clothing and sports equipment that you use occasionally. In addition, you can also make use of storage facilities to store your belongings when you are undertaking a renovation project, throwing a house party or moving to another location.

Your belongings get damaged in storage – Another misconception among people is that their belongings get damaged when they keep it in a New York City storage facility. This completely depends on the type of storage you choose for your belongings. Most of the storage facilities, these days, are well equipped with modern facilities and they take care of all your belongings. When choosing your storage space look for climate control and signs for pest infestation to ensure that your belongings do not get damaged.

Your belongings can get stolen – Gone are the days when people used to keep goods in unmanned junkyards in the name of storage. These days, nearly all of the major storage service providers fortify their facilities with sophisticated security gadgets and armed guards that ensure that your belongings get full protection.

If you are planning to keep your belongings in a storage facility, do not get misguided by these myths and go ahead with your decision.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Office Moving Checklist

The infographic titled ‘Office Moving Checklist’ from Moishe's helps prospective businesses which are about to relocate. A commercial move is much tougher than  a residential move because of the enormity of expenses and people involved. This infographic will give a moving checklist for a smooth office move.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Have You Chosen the Right Storage Facility for You?

Decisions taken swiftly often turn up into nightmares. And when you are thinking of storing your belongings at a storage facility, one should never take a decision in a jiffy. Below are some factors that you should consider when choosing the right storage facility –

  • First of all look closely at your storage needs. Go for a storage facility that offers different storage sizes for your different storage needs.
  • If you have chosen a facility that involves driving a couple of hours, then you need to reconsider your decision. Choosing a storage facility which is hundreds of miles away would do worse than doing any good.
  • You should always consider going for climate controlled facilities. Since adverse climate can damage your belongings, go for a storage facility that offers climate control.
  • If the facility has strict operating times and does not allow users to come at their leisure, then you must reconsider your decision.
Storing your precious belongings is nothing short of an investment. Keep these tips in mind and keep the risk factor at bay while choosing the right NY storage.

4 Principles of Storing Your Belongings

We all need self storage be it relocating to a new house, renovation, throwing a party or just any reason where you require additional space. If you are planning to store your belongings at a New York storage unit near you, below are the 4 principles that you must keep in account –

  • In order to avoid leakage while storing electronics, it is necessary to remove the batteries. Excessive heat and humidity can damage the electronics and therefore the batteries and parts should be removed while storing.
  • Belongings that you know you would need on a regular or frequent basis, should be stored over other belongings and preferably closer to the entrance of the unit.
  • Important documents should not be stored loose or with other insignificant stationery. Pin the documents, place them in a file and cover them before storing them.
  • Labeling is probably the most important facet of storage. Always label your belongings so that you do not have to face a hard time searching for something particular.
Keep these principles in mind and select the best New York storage service for your belongings.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Let Your Car Remain in Perfect Condition with these Storage Tips

Are you planning to go on a holiday to an exotic location or just want to clear the shed for a few months? If that is the case, storing your car at a storage facility could be your best option. A reputable New York storage service provider would provide a safe shelter for your car once you are away. However, here are a few things that as a car owner you need to do to ensure that your car does not get damaged being idle –

  • Dirt and dust can lead to corrosion of the metallic surface. It is therefore extremely important to thoroughly wash the car to get rid of the dirt particles. It is also recommended to add a layer of good quality wax on the car’s surface to prevent it from rusting.
  • In order to remove the dirt from the inside of the car, vacuum it by thoroughly cleaning the mats and car seats.
  • Keep the fuel tank full as it will prevent rusting and condensation in the fuel tank.
  • Unplug the battery as a connected battery will lead to damaging the cells.
An automobile is a costly investment. Therefore, it is required to take care of it properly when storing. Keep these tips in mind and keep your car fit for years to come.

How to Compare Different Self Storage Facilities?

Self storage units have become an inseparable part of our lives. This is because of our undying love for our belongings. Self storage units are extremely useful as they help us to de-clutter our living space and make the most of it. Since the safety of your belongings should be your first priority when keeping your belongings at a storage unit, it becomes extremely important to select a NY storage facility after examining all the crucial factors.

So what makes a self storage facility score over another? Below are some of the important things that you should use as a comparison tool when selecting a storage facility for your precious belongings –

Security – Security is the primary factor when it comes to choosing a self storage facility. You are storing your belongings as you want to use them in the near future otherwise you could have dumped them or sold them. It is therefore mandatory to compare the levels of security in different storage facilities to ensure that you choose the best one for your belongings. Apart from looking at the CCTV cameras, wireless systems, digital locks and alarms, you should also look for certain factors such as the availability of armed guards, fencing, and the neighborhood.

Safety – Once you are convinced that your belongings are not under any threat from the external threats, it becomes critical to examine the insides of the unit. Check out for minute signs that suggest that the facility is infested by pests or rodents. Look out for dampness, small holes in the walls, burrows and smell to ensure that your belongings remain intact always.

Proximity – Proximity from your home or office is another important factor to consider when choosing a storage facility. The storage facility that you choose must be, preferably, within a few miles of your abode as you would not want to waste hours traveling to your storage facility.

Convenience – Apart from proximity, one should also look out for the operation times of the storage facility in question. There are times when you need to go to the storage unit to take out or keep in something. If a storage facility offers you the convenience of driving through anytime, it is something that you should not overlook.

Keep these pointers in mind for comparing the storage facilities and find the best one for you.

What to Do Before Moving In

Checklist of what to do before moving into your new apartment

This infographic highlights the necessary steps one must follow before moving into a new apartment.

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Sunday, February 23, 2014

10 Strangest Things Found Inside Storage Spaces

Storage units find great use for people who want to store their belongings safely. But some people use it for storing strange things. Taking this into consideration, Moishe's have created an infographic on the strangest things found inside storage units. This infographic titled ’10 Strangest Things Found Inside Storage Spaces’ will give the details about things which people have stored inside storage units which are strange enough to surprise you.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Rent is the New Buy - Americans Prefer to Rent

This infographic highlights why in spite off having mortgage eligibility and funds for purchase, Americans are not in a rush to buy homes. Renter's market is growing at a fast pace and so is the moving industry.

Friday, February 14, 2014

8 Tips For Using Storage Units


Consider few things for using self storage units:
  1. Pallets: Keeping your items off the floor is very essential.
  2. Wrap What You Can: Each time you use a storage unit, try to wrap what you can in an industrial plastic wrap. 
  3. Use A Hefty Small Lock: Find an all-weather pad lock that has a short arm to ensure a bolt cutter can't slide it's way in to be sliced open. 
  4. Label: Label everything. The hidden, the obvious, and you can even go as far as to make a checklist. 
  5. Plan For Temperature Changes: There are a few things that don't like the cold or the heat and should either be double wrapped or well insulated or not stored at all. 
  6. Winter? Carry Sand!: Carry cat litter, sand or even spare sheets of plywood to help you unload or access your items. 
  7. Protect The Space: While we're concerned about protecting what we put in the unit, protecting the unit itself is also important — there can be heavy fines for scarring the unit during your tenancy. 
  8. Bust Out Your Tetris Skills: Even the smallest storage unit can hold a great deal, just make sure you use the space wisely which means packing things all the way to the ceiling.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Guide to Your First Big Move

The Ultimate Guide to Your First Big Move Infographic 

This infographic highlights the important points to be looked for before your first big move. So if you've planned for your next move in New York City, contact Moishe's and move freely.


Sunday, February 2, 2014

How to Store Fragile Items

Although it is a no-brainer, but fragile items need additional care when handling and storing. Every homeowner is concerned about the safety of their fragile items when you are storing them. Here are a few important things to keep in mind when storing fragile items –

  • Pack your fragile items with the right packing material is extremely important as it protects them from getting damaged. Several items such as paintings, glassware, antiques and expensive crockery should be packed in a bubble wrap, taped properly and secured in sturdy carton boxes.
  • While you are packing a fragile item, always remember to keep empty spaces between two surfaces as this may cause breakage or scratches through friction. You can use cotton or old newspaper to wrap and fill the empty spaces between two surfaces.
  • Labeling is very important as it tells if something is fragile or not. Put a label ‘Fragile’ on the boxes to ensure that people around take extra care while handling them.
There are various New York self storage facilities that offer safe storage of fragile items. Select a reputable storage facility and ensure the safety and security of your precious belongings.

Alternatives to a Storage Unit

Often we find ourselves entangled in situations where balancing between the important stuff and our personal space becomes extremely difficult. Self storage units are the best options for storing your additional belongings. Here are some of the most important reasons why you should store your belongings in an NY storage facility

  • Under 24 hour surveillance
  • Climate controlled
  • Ease of access
  • Safe from pests and insects
  • Provides a safe haven for your precious belongings.
Self storage units have become a convenience for most of the homeowners. Whether it is moving to a new location, organizing a party or the annual renovation, there are plenty of reasons to choose a storage unit. But do you feel that you can organize your belongings in such a way that you do not have to store them in a storage place? If so, then there are a few alternatives to storage units that you can consider –

Hold a garage sale – Garage sake is the best option to get rid of your additional belongings. By holding a garage sale, you not only make free space in your home, but also help you earn handsome money for it.

Make optimum use of your available space – There are various ways in which you can make proper use of your available furniture. Make more cabinets in your cupboard or under the bed so that you can accommodate more belongings.

Use your basement – Basements are used by most to store those belongings that they do not use much. So when you are unsure of what to do with your belongings, store them in your basement.

Ask a friend – Although it is actually farfetched, but you can ask your friends to keep some of your belongings at their place. You can entice them by saying that they can use them and keep them as long as they want.

Although these alternatives can help you in organizing your space in a better manner, no matter what alternative you choose, you will always feel the need for additional storage space. From a car to something as small as a book, you can lock anything in a self storage facility. By keeping your belongings in a self storage unit, you can enjoy unlimited free space in your home, office or commercial space. Find the best storage facility for your belongings and bring peace in your life.