Friday, May 23, 2014

Keeping Art in a Storage Unit

If you are an art collector for personal or business purposes and have passed the storage limit in your house, then hiring New York City storage is a viable option for you. Art pieces are prized possessions that cannot be stored in a general storage unit. Art pieces are susceptible to getting damaged without proper storage conditions. So, if you plan to hire a storage unit to keep art pieces, look for these features in order to keep your collection safe.

  1. Climate control: Art pieces can get easily damaged in a normal storage unit due to humidity. Therefore, it is imperative that one has a climate controlled storage unit for keeping them safely. A well regulated climate controlled storage unit will make sure that it is preserved for many years in its original state.

  1. Individual alarm units: A reputable storage unit provides individual alarms for art storage units. Since art is an expensive product, it should have many layers of security for safeguarding them. So, if a robber passes through the main alarm system, then another layer of security is added with individual alarms for each unit.

Art is one of those things, which have even more value than their monetary worth. So, store your art pieces in a storage unit to have more space and security for them at reasonable prices.


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