Thursday, July 31, 2014

Mobile storage Units: Making storage convenient for people

Storing household items in self storage units is an excellent way to free up some space in homes. However, many of us find it inconvenient to pack and move our household items to self storage units. This is particularly true in case of heavy items like furniture. Carrying everything to the storage unit is not just time-consuming but also hectic and tiring. In fact, this is one of the major reasons why some people avoid storing their belongings at storage facilities. 

To make things more convenient for their clients, moving and storage companies have come up with an ideal solution in the form of mobile storage facilities. Mobile units are those storage units that are delivered to your doorstep. Thus, you don’t have to transport your belongings to a far away location. When packing is complete, you can load your stuff on the storage unit. The unit will stay on-site as long as your want. 

Once the loading is complete, the moving company will move the unit to the storage facility. This way, you’ll be saved from all the hassles and inconveniences of physically moving your household items. There are many reputed New York storage companies that offer mobile storage facilities to the customers. So, if you find it too inconvenient to carry your stuff to storage facilities, availing the mobile storage unit facilities is the best option for you!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Making an Office Move? - Some Useful Tips

Planning an office move is not the same as planning a residential move. As a business owner, you’ll face a unique set of challenges while relocating your office. You’ll not just have to ensure a smooth transportation of all office items but will also have to ensure that no major disruption is caused to the normal flow of work in office. And this makes the task doubly difficult.

Here are some of the tips that may prove to be helpful when it comes to making an office move in a smooth and hassle-free way- 

Planning everything in advance will save you from a lot of troubles. From finalizing the date of moving to sharing the layout plan of the new office, advance planning is important to prepare your employees for the move. 

Assigning responsibilities to employees will ensure a hassle-free office move. You can also appoint a project coordinator to keep everything on track. 

Using the right packing material and packing everything carefully is important to ensure safety of all the items. Special care should be taken while packing computers and other electronic items to prevent any damage. 

Availing the moving services offered by professional companies will make your office move easier. Find the best office mover and make your move hassle free.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Why you need Storage Facilities when Moving Home

Moving house is the time when you realize just how much stuff you own! Packing everything and moving to a new location can become a big challenge.
It’s also quite common that people sell their homes but the moving dates don’t quite match up. Also, you may have some stuff in your home that you don’t use regularly. 

So, what do all these situations have in common? Each of these situations highlights the need for storage solutions. 

When it comes to moving home, many people need to store their belongings at a safe location temporarily. This can make it easier for them to manage their move and make the entire process of moving smooth and hassle-free. To meet the storage requirements of people, many professional companies have emerged in the recent years that offer storage solutions in New York. 

From easy accessibility to round-the-clock security, New York City storage companies offer the best moving and storage solution to home and offer owners. Many of the major companies also offer climate-controlled storage facilities to ensure safety of all your belongings. 

So, if you’re planning a house move and are confused what to do with all the extra stuff you own, you can easily avail the services of professional storage companies. 

Dealing with the emotional effects of moving

Whether you’re moving home for the first time or you’ve moved before, it is never going to be easy! The whole task of packing all your stuff and transporting it safely to your new home can literally bring your life to a halt. The moving experience can leave you physically and mentally exhausted. 

Moreover, you also need to deal with the emotional consequences of moving homes. Moving home is no easy task and you need to deal with the things in a well-planned and systematic way. Here’s how you can do it-

Accept the fact that the process of moving will cause some discomfort as well as inconvenience to you. It’s only when you accept it that you’ll be able to deal with it. 

Try to maintain your lifestyle. It’s important not to give up your lifestyle. Be it morning walk or shopping, continue to do the things you love once you’ve shifted to your new home. 

Hire someone to do the job. Moving house is already stressful and you need not make things difficult for you by doing everything on your own. There are many New York City storage and moving companies that offer the best services at affordable prices

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Moving House with Small Children

Moving house is a difficult time for the entire family. It can bring major changes in the lives of your family members. However, it’s also a fact that adults are able to cope with the changes in a better way. But it’s not the same with children. While some children are able to deal with the changes easily, others may find these changes traumatic and unsettling. 

Some of the negative reactions that children may have while moving house include becoming shy, changes in sleep patterns, stomach ache, refusing to eat and a general feeling of uneasiness and discomfort. However, with the right approach, these symptoms can be avoided and the process of house move can be made easier for children. 

It is essential to give special time and attention to the children so that they are able to deal with the changes conveniently. It’s important to talk to them and reassure them about the changes that will occur in the coming days. A reassuring talk can instill a sense of security and comfort that will go a long way when it comes to alleviating fear from the minds of children. 

Availing the services of professional moving companies will also help in making things easier for children. There are many companies that specialize in household moving in New York. So, if you’re moving house with small children, it’s best to find a professional moving company. 

2 Mistakes you should avoid while moving house

Moving house may prove to be a nerve-racking experience for a family. It can cause a lot of stress and worry. And in the absence of proper planning and guidance, the whole experience may become all the more stressful.

Here are two of the common mistakes that you should avoid while moving home-

Handling everything on your own
Well, you certainly have the choice to manage everything on your own. But some help from the experts will make your task a whole lot easier. Even if you are moving just across the road, moving home can be very challenging. Whether we talk of packing your expensive household items or arranging for the vehicles, there are many factors that you need to take into consideration. Professional moving companies can handle everything better. If you’re in New York, you can avail the services of New York moving companies.

Improper Packing
Packing your belongings, particularly the expensive items, properly is of great importance. Unfortunately, in the absence of proper guidance and knowledge, many people pack their stuff wrongly. This can lead to breakages and damages. If you’re unsure about how to pack your stuff correctly, it’s best to avail the services of a professional moving company. Arriving at your new home with damaged belonging is the last thing you want!

Avoiding the above mistakes will make it easier for you to shift to a new house in a hassle-free way.

Use Storage Facilities to make your Office Clutter-free!

A cluttered office not just makes a bad impression on the clients but also affects the productivity of the employees. A clutter-free office on the other hand, can greatly enhance the productivity and increase satisfaction level of employees. Excess files and paperwork is one of the main reasons why offices look cluttered. Storing files and documents in a storage unit can go a long way when it comes to making your office look tidy and clean.

Here are some of the benefits of storing business files and documents in a storage facility-

More free space in office is the biggest advantage of storing business files in storage units. Business files and documents take up a lot of space and storing them in a storage unit will make office look spacious. 

It will also ensure safety of your documents. As a business owner, you can choose climate controlled storage units and ensure complete protection from extreme weather and elements like dust, humidity etc. 

All types of sensitive documents can easily be stored at these units. Company’s sensitive data including medical records and photographs can be stored in these units.  

If you want to make your office look clean and clutter-free, you can avail the services of a professional moving and storage company

Why do you need climate-controlled storage units?

Whether to store your belongings in a non-climate controlled or climate controlled storage space is one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make. While many household items can be stored in ordinary storage units, there are some expensive and fragile items that should be stored in climate-controlled units. 

Here are some of the benefits of climate controlled storage units-

The biggest advantage of storing your items in climate controlled units is complete protection from extreme weather. Whether its cold or hot outside, your belongings will remain safe inside the units. 

These units are located in the innermost part of the building and have insulated roof, walls and floor. This ensures complete protection from dirt, rain etc. Your belongings also remain safe from rodents and insects. 

Humidity control is another important feature that makes climate-controlled facilities superior to other storage facilities. Too much humidity can cause serious damage to many of your household items. By keeping humidity in check, these facilities offer complete protection to expensive electronic and other items. 

Art works, electronic items and antiques, and musical instruments are some of the items that should be stored in these units. So, if you want to store these items safely, it’s best to choose the climate controlled storage facilities