Sunday, November 24, 2013

8 Important Observations to Make when Renting a Self Storage Unit

You have done your research and shortlisted a few NY storage units to keep your belongings. Even though the storage facilities claim to offer the best storage options, you need to be careful as you are storing your precious belongings there. A tour of the storage facility will help you decide whether you should commit your belongings there or not. Here are a few observations that you need to make when inspecting a self storage unit –

  • Check out the building and see if it is properly fenced to keep the intruders away.
  • Check the lawns for any overgrowth or unkempt.
  • Observe who have access to the facility and the basic procedure of entering through the main gate.
  • See if the storage facility is properly lit and there are no dim or unlit patches.
  • When touring the facility, check the basic levels of cleanliness in the floors, passages and elevators.
  • It is always recommended to tour the neighborhood to see what type of houses and buildings are there. This will give you a fair idea about selecting the storage facility.
  • Also observe the guards and if they frequently leave their post to roam here and there.
  • Check the surveillance cameras and other security devices if they actually work or not.

The safety of your belongings is the first concern before committing your belongings to a storage facility. Remember these points and ensure the safety of your belongings.


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