Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Reasons that Keep People Away from Using Self Storage Units

Cramped spaces, overstuffed closets and no visible difference between a bedroom and a junkyard, this is the situation of various households. However, people still people shy away from storage units. Here are some reasons or myths associated with self storage units that keep people stay away from storage facilities –

  • Self storage facilities are not safe – A lot of people think that storing their belongings in NY storage facilities is not safe. However, in reality reputable storage facilities are 24 hours under camera surveillance and are guarded by armed guards and protected with sophisticated locking systems, making them extremely safe.

  • Keeping your belongings in a self storage facility is expensive – People are also under the impression that self storage units are quite expensive and they would be asked to pay exorbitant rent for keeping their belongings there. However, the cost totally depends upon the unit size that you choose and the belongings that you store. You do not have to pay for a complete room sized unit if you are storing a few belongings.

  • Your goods can be damaged in a self storage facility – The fear of goods getting damaged also make people stay away from self storage facilities. In reality, a majority of self storage units are climate controlled that offer best storage for your belongings, even better than your homes. Moreover, self storage facilities are cleaned on a regular basis to ensure that there is no moth growth or insect or rat infestation.

  • You can only access self storage facilities during the normal working hours –Another prevalent myth is that you can only access your belongings during the normal office hours. Self storage units function in such a way to make it easier for the people using them. The best Manhattan storage facilities are open 24 hours in order to accommodate the needs of different people using them. You do not have to skip work to get something out or wait for the weekend to keep anything in the self storage facility.

As the home style trends keep on changing, we as homeowners start updating our homes without thinking about the belongings that we already have. This leads to accumulation of more belongings than our living spaces can accommodate. Self storage is the best option to keep seasonal, less frequently and such goods which we can neither keep, nor throw. So shed your inhibitions and choose the best Manhattan storage facilityfor your belongings today to keep your home and mind clear.


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