Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Need Self Storage? – Important Things to Consider

No matter how big our house is, we all need additional space for keeping our belongings. Human beings have an inclination towards accumulating more belongings than they can use. And the worst part is that we simply can not part away with our treasures even if they were bought a decade back and no longer used. This is where self storage facilities show us the silver lining. However, if you are planning to store your additional belongings in a New York self storage facility, here are some things that you need to keep in mind before selecting a self storage unit –

Evaluate why you need storage space – This is the first thing to do as storage requirements could be different for different people. Your requirements could be based on various factors such as moving to a new location, shifting to a new house, long vacation, home renovation or requirement for additional space for any event. By evaluating your storage requirements, you have a fair idea of for how long you need the self storage unit. When you are clear why you need storage space, this will help you in selecting the best New York self storage facility.

Research – When you are researching about storage facilities, you need to employ both primary and secondary research methods. Browse the internet and research about the storage facilities in or near your neighborhood. Personally visit the shortlisted facility and carefully examine them. It is wise to choose a self storage facility that is closest to your location. However, there are other factors to consider if the storage facilities near your location are not good.

Security – Make sure that the self storage facility that you choose is properly secured to ensure the safety of your belongings. Heavy doors, armed guards, surveillance cameras, fencing and the presence of other security gadgets ensure that your belongings will be protected from thieves and robbers. In addition, select a climate controlled unit as it will protect your belongings from adverse climatic conditions.

Rent – Several storage space providers increase the rent of the unit without any prior notice. It is therefore enquire about the renting policy and have a written copy of the agreement so that you do not have to face any hardship later.

Self storage units are the best option when you want to keep your belongings safe. Keep these points in mind and give your belongings a home away from home.


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