Thursday, September 19, 2013

Top 5 Necessary Moving and Storage Supplies

Basic preparation can make your move into a new home or temporary storage unit much more efficient. Think ahead about what supplies you’ll need on-hand through the move, and be sure your arsenal is fully stocked with the essentials. Heed this advice and take a deep breath — your belongings will be safe, sound and organized when it’s all over.

1. Boxes and permanent markers: Label boxes with bold markers for quick identificatio.

2. Packing tape: Clear 2-inch wide packaging tape is the perfect tool to seal your boxes.

3. Wrappings: Bubble wrap is ideal for smaller precious items, while moving pads and packing blankets should be sandwiched between and wrapped around furniture and other large pieces.

4. Dolly or flat-bed cart: call Dolly or flat bed cart in advance to make sure. You don’t want to have to inefficiently drag or carry heavy boxes across the parking lot, one at a time.

5. Sturdy storage lock: Choose a closed-shackle padlock or disc lock. Your facility manager can recommend the best type for their doors.

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