Monday, September 2, 2013

A Peep into Different Types of Self Storage Facilities

Although self storage facilities offer us a safe and secure place to store our belongings, there differ from each other in certain aspects. Here are the different types of self storage facilities –

Indoor storage facilities – These include levels of storage units, like rooms in a hotel, where people can hire storage space as per their requirements.

Outdoor storage facilities – Outdoor storage facilities are for heavy and bulky vehicles, equipment and machinery, which can not be stored inside, owing to their weight and inconvenience it can cause.

Drive-up storage facilities – Similar to an enclosed garage, drive-in storage facilities allow customers to drive in and leave their belongings or the vehicle that has to be stored. This type of storage facilities are most used by retail stores to keep their stock, which is needed on a daily basis.

Storage pods – Storage pods are for the people who want to store belongings at their own place. These are huge containers which are delivered by the storage company to the individual houses with the option of retrieving them when they are finished packing.

Whatever may be your requirements, self storage is an outstanding option to keep your belongings safe. Select the best self storage facility to keep your belongings safe and secure.


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