Friday, November 27, 2015

Moving can be Fun for Kids

Moving is a tiring and difficult job. But there’s surely someone in your family who might actually enjoy it? Yes, your kids can have wholesome fun and adventure, if moving is presented in a creative and playful way. Let’s check out some ideas which you can use to make moving fun for your kids and hence, a little easier for you.

Have Fun while Packing
Make up a funny song for your family to sing while packing. It can be simple and silly, and could go to the tune of a famous song your kids like. Your kids can help pack certain things. Hiding little surprises like stickers or candy for them to find while they pack can be exciting. For older kids, funny riddles or “tasks” will compensate for a playful break from packing. Let your kids’ tape the packed boxes shut and decorate them with sharpies and stickers. Older kids help in labeling the packed boxes and make colorful labels for each box.

Fun while Moving
Road music can be a great help to keep up family morale. On your way to your new home, make sure you have your kids’ favorite music with you. Your older kids can help you put together a moving-day play list with feel-good songs. You can also involve children by playing simple games with them.

Have fun while Unpacking
Once the movers have gone, don’t be impatient to set everything right. The kids would love if you pitch a tent in your new living room instead and have an indoor camping experience. Depending on their age your kids can help unpack and organize their stuff in the new house.

Moving is never so easy, but you don't feel boring about it! There are lots of exciting and creative ways to make it exciting.


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