Wednesday, January 15, 2014


We've highlighted some typical reasons for using self storage below.

1. I just don't have enough space.

2. We're moving house and need to store our furniture for a while.

3. We want to sell our house but it's so full of stuff it'll put buyers off.

4. The builders and decorators are coming and we need to clear space for the.

5. The garage is full to bursting.

6. We're going to clear out the spare room.

7. I need somewhere to store my out-of-season clothes.

8. I'm home from college and I need somewhere cheap to store my stuff.

9. I need somewhere to keep the garden furniture in winter.
10. We need to store possessions in probate.

11. We want to move to a smaller house, but there's no room for all our possessions.

12. I need somewhere secure to park my car/van.


The five largest self storage companies operating in the industry are: Public Storage, Extra Space Storage, CubeSmart, Sovran Self Storage, U-Haul International. There are approximately 49,940 self storage facilities in the US (as of Q2 2012) Total self storage rental space in the U.S. is 2.3 billion square feet (as of Q4 2011). That figure represents more than 78 square miles of rentable self storage space or an area well more than three times the size of Manhattan Island. These units generated 2011 revenue of $22.45 billion or about twice what Americans spent going to the movies that year. 1 in 10 households in the U.S. currently rent a self storage unit. That has increased from 1 in 17 households in 1995. Source: Self Storage Association - See more at:


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