Tuesday, January 28, 2014

7 Tips For Storing Electronics Safely [Infographics]

Electronic items are one of the top items kept inside self storage. Taking this fact into consideration, Moishe's have created an infographic titled ‘7 Tips For Storing Electronics Safely’.

All storage unit renters want their stored items to be in the best condition when they take it from the storage unit. Electronics are delicate and they need to be stored carefully so that they remain in great condition. This infographic shows the best way to pack. Wrap and store these electronics to retain their usability.


  1. I really like this laid out diagram. It tells you in the simplest way how to go about getting a good storage for your electronics. The picture really captures your attention and keeps the information interesting. Next time I'm going to use padding for my electronics like the article said. http://www.stor-king.com/Storage_Units_Upland_CA.html

  2. I have a bunch of music electronics and computers that I can't keep in my little apartment anymore. I will have to get some packing peanuts and boxes to store all of my smaller objects. I have a large drumset that is electronic and it won't fit in a box, so what should I do with it? Thanks for the article. http://www.centralstorage.net/services.html

  3. This is very relevant to me seeing as I'm going through the moving process right now. I'm going to be keeping a few odds and ends in a storage locker during the move. I've been especially nervous about keeping my nice electronic items in storage though. I live in a somewhat humid area and I don't want water damage to take a toll. I think it is a good idea to wrap electronics in cotton cloth. I'll have to try that method and hope for the best. http://www.diazsuperstorage.com

  4. This infographic is very helpful! I never knew you were supposed to remove batteries to avoid battery acid damage. Can you save the batteries or will they start to leak acid in storage? I'd rather not buy a new set of batteries for everything if I don't have to. Thanks for these storage tips! http://www.edmstorage.ca/contact.html

  5. Very nice infographic!


  6. I never knew that there was a specific way to store your electronics, so I'm super glad I've found this! I didn't know that you had to allow air circulation for them, so I'll have to take some of ours out of the box to fix that! I also didn't know that batteries could cause acid damage. I'll be sure to store things much better in the future thanks to this!


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