Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Store Your Goods and Belonging in a Bed Bug-free Self Storage Facility

Self storage are not just a place where you keep your goods and belongings for a particular time. It is also a place where they are kept safe and secure from all sorts of damage and dangers. Improper light, uncontrolled temperature and bugs are common foe to all stored items and goods at storage facilities of all sizes and types in New York. Among all common threats, bed bugs are one of the most common threats that affect all storage facilities equally. Bed bugs are human parasitic insects that are known for causing severe damage to human health with a number of health effects, including skin rashes, psychological effects, and allergic symptoms. These bugs not only affect human health but also domestic goods and belongings such as furniture, clothing, and backpacks. A recent study by New York City’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s administration found that in 2009, the number of complaints from residents about bed bugs in their homes skyrocketed to approximately 11,000 from 537 in 2004. To prevent the serious and disturbing city-wide epidemic, the administration is doing its best and has pledged $500,000 to combat the spread of bed bugs. When it comes to storing goods and belongings, people need to store their residential and commercial goods at the storage facilities that are free from the presence of all sorts of bed bugs. 

All good self storage are found with a bed bug free certification declaring the safety and security of all stored goods and belongings. Taking pest control services is one of the easiest options that solve the problem of bugs easily. There are a lot of measures that different storage facilities adopt to eradicate the problems of bed bugs from their roots. Some of them include: Covering of sofas with plastic wrappings avoiding the use of blankets as blankets can be easily penetrated by bugs. Regular fumigation of storage facilities with effective pesticides that include pyrethroids, dichlorvos and malathion. Frequent and timely fumigation of moving trucks ensuring killing of bugs effectively. Using bed bug hunters dog-sniffing service periodically to prevent the chance of bed bugs in moving trucks. Established and well known New York self storage service providers put their special focus on the aforementioned factors so that all moves and storage services can be made bug free and stored goods and items can be handled with care.


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