Thursday, September 17, 2015

Mistakes to Avoid in Long Distance Moving

Long distance moving is a more complex process than local moving. It is harder because of the added time, cost, and distance. You require careful planning and budgeting for relocating to another borough or city, but long distance moving needs additional strategic planning to ensure a successful & stress-free move. Avoid the mistakes listed here while moving from across the state or cross-country.

  • Moving everything owned by you: Heavy, old furniture and other items that are not so important will only cost you extra dollars if taken to your new place during long distance move. You need to prune down all your belongings and pack only valuable and important possessions in order to save moving cost. 
  • Trying to do-it-yourself: If you think you can do packing and moving by yourself in a long distance move, then it will cost you dearly at the end. Do-it-yourself long distance moving is a tough task and will cause a lot of stress. Hiring a professional long distance mover is a good idea if you want to keep headaches at bay. 
  • Not getting an in-home estimate: You hired a long distance moving company but forget to ask for an in-home estimate. Getting a prior estimate is essential for a scam-free move. A reputed moving company will always provide a free estimate service to help you appropriately plan for the moving day.
  • Inappropriate scheduling: If you schedule your moving during peak season or weekends, you’ll end up paying high rates to the mover. Avoid moving during weekends or summer season to lower down your moving cost.
Your long distance move can turn out to be miserable if you don’t avoid these mistakes. Make sure you choose your long distance mover carefully and plan your move in advance for a successful moving experience.


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